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Filmetrics Applications (Thickness Measurement) – Web Coating                                                                                                                     

Filmetrics systems are widely used in the polymer films community to measure the thickness of films and coatings, and we have products specially designed for web inspection applications.


Web Inspection Applications

There are multiple points in plastic films manufacturing where coating thickness is critical to quality.  These include: total film thickness (up to 1mm), Coextrusion sub-layer thickness, and the thickness of coatings on a film web. In the particular case of coatings on PET our Filmetrics F20-UV can measure very thin layers (~10 nm) and even energetic plasma surface treatments.  Our standard Filmetrics F20 can measure ubiquitous coatings such as hardcoats in the 0.05 to 50µm range.

Filmetrics have an extensive refractive index database for a range of polymer films including PET, polycarbonate, cellulosics, and polyolefins, as well as more exotic materials such as conductive polymers.

Each of these applications offers a unique set of challenges and Filmetrics has developed the software, hardware, and applications knowledge to deliver the right solution.



Premier Solutions Pte Ltd / Filmetrics Applications (Thickness Measurement / Thin Film Measurement ) – Web Coating

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