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1.6 mm Thick Nickel Foam for Battery Cathode Substrate (1000mm length x 300mm width) - EQ-bcnf-16m

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Nickel Foam for Battery Cathode Substrate  (1m length x 300mm width x 1.6mm thickness)  EQ-bcnf-16m


  • Material: Nickel Foam, (excellent anti-corrosive)
    Purity:                     > 99.9 wt % 
    Impurity:                 C≤200、S≤80、Fe≤100、Cu≤100、Si≤50  ( ppm)
  • Surface Density:    346g/m^2
  • Length:                  1meter
  • Width:                    300mm
  • Thickness:             1.6 mm
  • Net weight:             104g
  • Porosity: ≥95%   (80-110 Pores per Inch. average hole diameters about  0.25mm)
  • Extensibility: Lengthwise≥5%; Widthwise≥12%
  • Tensile Strength:   Lengthwise ≥1.25N/mm^2;      Widthwise≥1.00N/mm^2
  • Sold in roll only
  • Notice: Please notice that it is normal to observe NiO peaks in the nickel foam in XRD data. It is really difficult to avoid the oxidation of nickel.
  • How to clean the Nickel Foam for Battery Cathode Substrate.  
  1. It can be removed the NiO by annealing in the hydrogen furnace.
  2. Nickel foam (about 3.3 cm x 1 cm) was carefully cleaned with the concentrated HCl solution (37 wt.%) in an ultrasound bath for 5 min in order to remove the surface oxide layer. And then deionized water and absolute ethanol was used for 5 min each to ensure the surface of the Ni foam was well cleaned. 

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