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Fuji Electronics Industry Co Ltd (FDC)

Fuji Electronics Industry Co Ltd (FDC)

Fuji Electronics Industry Co. Ltd (FDC) is established as a manufacturer of Induction Heating Solutions and Hardening Technology, standing at the pinnacle of Induction Heating Solutions.

FDC induction heating technology is reproducible anywhere high-voltage electricity and water is available, making it well-suited for the global market. That is not all, as their short cycle-time technology makes it especially suited for countries with poor electric infrastructure.

FDC goal is to provide products that their customers can trust and rely for a long time. By using their products over a long period of time, the combined initial cost and running cost would result in large savings for customers. In particular, their coils require only half the power of their competitors, resulting in long coil life, which is perfect for the global market.


  • Spark Plasma Sintering

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