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Frontier Semiconductor (FSM), USA

Frontier Semiconductor (FSM), USA

Frontier Semiconductor, Inc (FSM) was founded in 1988. It currently offers a range of advanced metrology products for semiconductor application, including Measurement Systems for Film Stress Material Characterization for new films, Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy, Quantitative Electrical Characterization systems for Sheet Resistance and Leakage Current Measurements for USJ and Metal Contamination, diffusion length measurements for patterned wafers. Systems are supported globally by FSM sales, service team and local / regional partners, Premier Solutions in Asia.


FSM AquaFlex

Material Characterization - Quantitative Adhesion Testing 4 Point Bend


Material Characterization - Integrated Metrology Annealing Chamber


Electrical Measurement Techniques - fully automated product wafer monitor for oxide quality and gate oxide stack evaluation.



Electrical Measurement Techniques - Metal Contamination Testing on Production Wafers

FSM RsL100

Electrical Measurement Techniques - Sheet Resistance and Leakage Current Mapping Tool

FSM 413

Optical Measurement Techniques - Wafer Thickness

FSM 128L

Optical Measurement Techniques - Film Stress

FSM 128

Optical Measurement Techniques - Film Stress

FSM 127

Optical Measurements Techniques - Imaging Low Coherence Interferometry

Raman Spectroscopy Metrology

Opticial Measurements Techniques -  Raman Spectroscopy Metrology

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