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Filmetrics Inc, USA

Filmetrics Inc, USA

Filmetrics - World's Sales Leader in Thin-Film Thickness Measurement

Measure thin film thickness from 1nm to 13mm with a single mouse click using Filmetrics products. Virtually any material can be measured, and intuitive design means that you can be taking your first thin-film thickness measurements in minutes!

Filmetrics measure thin-film thickness by analyzing how light is reflected by the film. By analyzing wavelengths beyond those visible to the human eye Filmetrics can measure nearly all non-metallic films greater than 100 atoms thick.  And because there are no moving parts, results are available in seconds: film thickness, refractive index, even roughness!


Why Filmetrics is the #1 Choice

Filmetrics has been helping industry leaders’ measure thin-film thickness since 1995, and more of Filmetrics systems are being used in affordable thin-film thickness measurement applications than any other. In fact, Filmetrics is the only company that stocks a thin-film thickness measurement system for almost every need. With six offices around the globe, our support team provides 24-hour thin-film measurement assistance.


 Filmetrics' products include

  • Thin-Film Thickness Measurement
  • Thickness Measurement
  • Optical Profiler
  • Sheer Resistance Measurement


F20 System

F20 System

Filmetrics – The World’s best-selling tabletop thin film thickness measurement system.  Available with a wide range of accessories and thickness coverage.

F50 System

f50 detail large 

Filmetrics – Adds automated mapping capabilities to Filmetrics F20 family of products.  Map  thin film thickness and index as fast as two points per second.


F10-HC System

F10-HC System

Filmetrics - Measures hardcoat and anti fog film thickness and index.  Popular in automotive and other industries that hardcoat polycarbonate.  Options available for thin film measurement / thickness and index measurement




Filmetrics® designed the F3-CS specifically for measurement of small witness or coupon samples. Everyone from line operators to R&D personnel can measure layers such as parylene and vacuum coatings in seconds with this USB-powered system.

F40 System

f40 large

 Filmetrics - Attaches to your microscope to measure spot as small as 1µm or let us supply the entire system.


F60-t System

 f60t main image large

 Thin-film thickness on samples up to 200mm by 200mm is easily mapped with the Filmetrics F54-XY-200 advanced spectral reflectance system. 

Filmetrics – Production ready tabletop thickness mapping system includes on-board reference, notch finding, interlocked cover and move.  Fully-automatic mapping of thin film measurement / thickness measurement and index for nearly any sample shape. 

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