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1000ºC Max. Compact Zone Melting Furnace for Directional Solidification - OTF-1000-CBZ

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The zone melting furnace OTF-1100-CBZ is a compact crystal growth system for CZ, Bridgman, and zone melting up to 1000°C. The precision pulling & rotation mechanism is built on a compact vertical tube furnace with 1" quartz tube and vacuum-sealed flange, which can pull single crystal from a melt in the crucible via seed or downward to grow the crystal via with a capillary. Applications: zone melt purification, directional solidification, or CZ, Bridgman, and zone melting single crystal growth for metallic material Specifications:

 Ring Heater
  • One compact ring heater made of MoSi2 is cast into fibrous alumina  with  SS case  used for zone melting
  • Max. working temperature is 1000ºC
  • The ID of the ring heater is 30 mm
  • Heating zone length is about 6 mm
  • The spare heating ring is available upon request at the extra cost
  • Voltage: AC 220 V, Single Phase
  • 50/60Hz
  • 1 KW
PLC Control
  • Touch Screen, User-Friendly
  • Parameters: single crystal pulling speed, rod rotation speed, and working temperature
Working Temperature 
  • MoSi2 Resistance Heating with resistance heating
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 1000°C ( <1hr)
  • Constant heating temperature: 950ºC
Tube and Flange
  • 1" O.D. high purity quartz tube  ( smaller tube is available upon request )
  • Top flange with KF 25 vacuum connection port, mechanical pressure gauge, adjustable high-pressure relief valve
  • Bottom stainless steel flange with the gas delivery port and 1/4" Feedthrough for the thermal couple
  • One S type thermal couple on the bottom of the crucible for temperature control
Zone Melting Mechanism
  •   Zone melting or directional solidification is by moving the crucible in a vacuum-sealed tube and retractable bellows to pass the heating ring.
    • Moving speed: 0 - 65 mm/hour 
    • Tube rotation speed: 0 - 100 RPM, adjustable
    • The travel distance: 0 - 65 mm
    • Servo motor controlled
    • Customized the pulling and rotation speed is available at extra cost
Vacuum Pump (Not included)
  • 10-2 torr via dual-stage mechanical vacuum pump (bottom right picture)
  • 10-5 torr via Turbopump (bottom left picture)
  • The vacuum pump is optional. Please click here to choose a vacuum pump.
  • CE certified
  • NRTL certification is available upon request at the extra cost
  • One Year limited warranty with lifetime support

  • Vertical furnace: 270 mm x 450 mm x 1050 mm
  • Control unit: 480 mm x 360 mm x 250 mm
Net Weight
  • 75 kg
  • 165 lbs
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