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1000ºC Max Slide-able RTP (4'' OD) Tube Furnace with Rapidly IR Heating & Cooling - OTF-1200X-RTP-4-SL

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OTF-1200X-RTP-4-SL is an RTP (4'' OD) furnace with Infrared Light Heating and Slide Cooling. It is capable of achieving a max. heating rate > 50°C/s  and a cooling rate  > 10°C/s. The furnace is designed for growing graphene and carbon nanotubes by CVD.   Please review the publication as an example of perovskite solar cell growth, using this furnace. 


Furnace Structure
  • A double-layer steel casing with air cooling keeps the furnace heating longer time up to 1000ºC.
  • IR lamp heating with fast heating rate up to ~50ºC/S
  • One set of sliding rails is installed which allows the furnace to move from one side to the other side automatically at variable speeds using the control knob.
  • Vacuum flanges and the digital vacuum gauge are installed for immediate use.
  • Annealing wafer up to 3 " diameter max         


  • AC 208-240V Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
  • 9KW
Max. Temperature
  • 1000°C (< 1 hours)      
  • 900°C       continuous
  • Note: RTP furnaces should not be heated for long durations due to thin refractories.
 Heating and cooling rate
  • Max. Heating rate: 50  ºC/s
  • Max. Cooling rate:   8 ºC/s    ( 1000 - 600ºC, via sliding furnace away from sample )
   Process Tube Size
Sliding Rails / Table
  • Dual sliding rails made of Cr plated steel
  • Sliding rail length: 1200 mm
  • Driven by DC motor
Sliding Control
  • Sliding Range: 340mm
  • Sliding Speed: 0-70 mm/s; adjustable
  • Automatic sliding is controlled by the temperature controller.  When the heating program is finished, the furnace will slide from right to left at the set speed. Air fans will blow the heated areas to achieve fast cooling.
Heating Elements
  • 8 pcs 1Kw Halogen light tube,  ( Dia. =10mm,  L=300mm, Heated Length =200mm)
  • Standard working life: 2000 hrs.  ( depends on heating rate )
  • The Halogen light tube is consumable.  Please click the picture left to order a spare one
  • Two K type, 1/4" Dia x 24" length
  • One is for controlling furnace temperature
  • One is inserted inside the furnace in the sample area to monitor heating and cooling

Temperature Controller

  • PID automatic controller with 30 programmable segments for control of heating rate, cooling rate, and dwell time.
  • Built-in overheating & thermocouple broken protection.
  • Over-temperature protection and alarm allow for operation without attendant(s).
  • +/- 1 ºC temperature accuracy.
  • RS485 Communications Port to connect to PC
  • An MTS-02 control module is included for PC control on this furnace.
  • A laptop PC can be ordered for $500 together with the furnace. We recommend ordering a computer (laptop) from us to avoid software installation problems as we will perform installation and testing before shipping. 

Vacuum Flanges

  • Stainless steel vacuum flanges are installed on both ends of the tube.
  • Right flange:
    • Hinge-type flange for easy sample loading
    • 1/4"diameter  feedthrough for inserting  K-type thermal couple
    • Needle valve with barb gas fitting is built-in
  • Left flange:
    • The digital vacuum gauge is included
    • KF25 right angle valve is installed for connecting to a vacuum pump
    • A needle valve for vacuum release is included

Vacuum Level 

  •  Limited by a vacuum pump
    • 10^-2 torr can be achieved by the mechanical pump
    • 10^-4 torr can be reached by molecular pump
  •      The vacuum pump is not included, please order separately 
Flow Meter
 One flow-meter is built-in with a range: 16-160 ml/min


  • 460 x 330 x 520  mm ( furnace only)

  • 1800 x 450 x 680 mm ( furnace + sliding)
  • (click to enlarge the picture)

Net Weight

~ 80 Kg

Shipping Package Size

74" x 39" x 45"

Shipping Weight

300 lbs


One-year limited manufacturer's warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order replacements at related products below).


  • CE Certified
  • NRTL certification(UL61010) or CSA certification is available at extra cost. (

Application Notes

  • Tube furnaces with quartz tubes are designed for use under vacuum and low pressure < 0.12 MPa 
  • Attention: A two-stage pressure regulator must be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the pressure to below 3 PSI for safe operation. Click here to learn the installation of a gas regulator.
  •  Vacuum pressures may only be safely used up to 1000°C

Operation Video


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