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1100 ºC Max. Hybrid Compact Crystal Grower For Both CZ & Bridgman w/ Atmosphere Control - OTF-1200X-SCB

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OTF-1200X-SCB is a compact crystal grower for both CZ and Bridgeman methods up to 1100°C. The precision pulling & rotation mechanism is built on a compact two-zone vertical tube furnace with 2" quartz tube and vacuum-sealed flange, which can pull a single crystal from a melt in the crucible via seed or move down to grow the crystal via a capillary.

Note:  Upgrade to a vacuum-sealed quartz tube and a hermetic pulling mechanism since Jan 5, 2021, which is compatible with volatile materials and growth in a controlled atmosphere. 


  • Voltage: 110V or 208-240 VAC, single phase, 50/60Hz
  • Furnace: 1.5 kW @ 110VAC; 2.3 kW @ 208-240VAC. Please specify working voltage before order. 
  • Vacuum Pump: 400W (EQ-FYP-PUMP-110)
  • Water Chiller: 620W (KJ5000, optional)
Vertical Tube Furnace

  • Double-layer steel structure with air cooling
  • Split door design for easy installation of tube
  • 2" dia quartz tube with vacuum-sealed rotation and pulling mechanism.
  • Two-zone heating with 100mm L for each zone (200 mm in the total heating zone)
  • The Max. 1100°C working temperature
  • Max temperature gradient is about 10ºC/cm within 60 mm length
  • Precision phase-angle fired temperature control with +/- 0.1 ºC accuracy (Eurotherm controller)
Quartz Tube and Flanges
  • Quartz Tube size:  50mm OD x 44 mm ID x 600 mm L
  • Top flange: water-cooled flange with a needle valve and a KF25 port for rotation and pulling mechanism.
  • Bottom flange: flange with a needle valve and KF25 port for connection to a vacuum pump.
  • Two 1/4" tube fitting for gas circulation or flow. 
Pulling Mechanism 
  • Travel is driven by precision servo motor
  • Pulling Speed: 0.5 - 50 mm/h 
  • Pulling Rod Rotation Speed: 0.1 - 23 RPM
  • Travel distance: 0 - 300 mm
  • Faster travel: 35 mm/min
Czocharalski Method
  • One 300 mm length alumina tube is put on the bottom flange to support an alumina crucible for CZ crystal pulling
  • One pulling rod made of tool steel is included for mounting seed crystal up to 800°C. Another pulling rod material is available upon request. 
  • Seed crystal diameter: 0.5-3.2 mm
  • Alumina crucible: 25 OD×20 ID×25 H mm
 Fig.1 pulling rod       Fig.2 CZ Growth
Bridgeman Method
  • Two fixtures made of stainless steel are included for mounting quartz tubes. 
    • Half-end quartz tube: 20 OD×16 ID×150 H, mm
    • Half-end quartz tube: 15 OD×11 ID×150 H, mm
  • Note: SS fixture may be oxidized at T > 800°C
  • For volatile elements, the sample shall be sealed in a quartz tube using a VTS-1 tube sealer
  • For Bridgeman growth w/o atmosphere control, please consider our OTF-1200X-S-VT-BMGH or remove the quartz tube for easy sample installation
Fig. 1 Bridgeman     Fig.2 Quartz tubes for growth     Fig.3 VTS-1 rotation tube sealer         Fig.4 OTF-1200X-S-VT-BMGH
Temperature Control and Profile
  • Two Eurotherm temperature controllers with two K-type thermocouples are builtin with +/- 0.1ºC accuracy.
  • 28 segments programmable with PID adjustable for two heating zone independently.
  • RS485 port and software (iTools) is ready for PC remote control
  •  Note: It is the customer's responsibility to create a suitable thermal gradient for crystal growth.
Vacuum Pump
Gas Purification System
  • 10E-2 torr via dual-stage mechanical vacuum pump (Pic. 2)
  • 10E-5 torr via Turbopump (Pic. 1) 
  • The vacuum pump is optional. Please click here to choose a vacuum pump. 
  • For oxygen-sensitive material, suggest using a recirculating gas purification system ( H2O, O2 < 1 ppm) to replace the turbopump (Pic. 3) 
  •  Pic. 1     Pic. 2    Pic. 3

Water Chiller

  • A water chiller is required to prevent top flange overheating but it is not included in the standard package.
Dimension & Weight 
  • Weight:    105 kg
  • Size:     L×W×H: 860 mm×740 mm×2160 mm
  • NRTL certification is available upon request
  • One year limited warranty and lifetime technical support
Demo Video           Demonstration Video         Installation Instruction

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