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1100C Dual Zone High Pressure Vertical Furnace w/ Super-alloy Tube- OTF-1200X-HP-70-V

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OTF-1200X-HP-70-V is a high-pressure verticle split tube furnace with two heating zones. The processing tube is made of 70 mm OD. Ni-based superalloy with 1100oC max working temperature, which is designed for growing crystal via the high-pressure hydrothermal method. SPECIFICATIONS

Working Pressure vs. Working Temperature
  • Pressure calculation based on safety factor 3 for 6000 hours service life
    • 200 Bar max. at  ≤800°C
    • 150 Bar max. at  ≤900°C
    • 100 Bar max. at ≤1000°C
    • 50  Bar max. at ≤1100°C
Working Gases
  • Inert gas and oxygen
  • No hydrogen or any flammable gas
Heating Temp.
  • 1100°C max.for < 1hr  
  • 1000°C for continuous
Heating Rate ≤10°C/min
Heating Element Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Heating Zone
  • Two heating zones:   200mm + 200mm 
  • Total heating zone length: 400mm 
  • Constant temp. zone: 175 mm ±2°C
Temperature Control 
  • Three precision digital temperature controller with 30 segments programmable
  • PID controlling method with the protection of over-temp. and thermocouple break.
  • Temperature stability: ±1°C
  • PC control software and the interface is available at additional cost, please click the bottom left image to order.
Positive Pressure Sensor
  • One digital pressure transducer installed in high-pressure flange
  • One pressure controller is included.  the release valve will automatically open when the pressure reaches setting pressure.
  • Pressure Measurement Range: 0~15Mpa 
Process Vessel 
  • Nickel-based superalloy GH747 (Click to download GH747 nickel-based alloy datasheetwith the dimension of Φ70 OD × Φ35 ID ×526 L mm,  Nominal Capacity:   500 ml
  • Attention: Processing Tube is a consumable part, you can click the picture below to order a replacement or a spare one.   
  • The optional torque wrench is available here to avoid overtightening the flange bolts.
  • Small quartz or Alumina boat should be used to load the sample inside the vessel. Please click the link below to order separately. Never place the sample directly onto the vessel without a crucible. Vessel service-life could be reduced significantly if you do so.
  • You may use gold or nickel foil to wrap the crucible boat to minimize the contamination to the pressure vessel.
  • Warning: Never put a sample inside tube directly without crucible or isolated foil to avoid sample react with tube alloy.
Flange and  Fitting
  • A pair of 63mm CF type flanges is included (w/ high-pressure valve and 1/4 tube fitting)
  • 2 pcs Copper o-rings are included  ( spare copper O-ring is available as consumable.
  • The flange is cooling by forced air via aluminum heat-sink
Optional Parts
( with extra cost )
  • You may order Heavy Duty Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (7.8 CFM -240 L/m) - EQ-YTP-50 for experiment under vacuum condition
  • Please consider the Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Station (up to 1E-7 mbar) - EQ-PV-HVS2 for high vacuum level
  • Gas flow control system is available upon request ( see picture below right )
Voltage AC 208 - 240V 50/60Hz
3 KW (20A breaker required)
Dimension 900×600×1330 mm
Operation Instruction
Application Notes
  • The heating temperature must be limited by a certain pressure level due to vessel material strength. Please refer to the specifications.
  • The pressure is increasing while the temperature is rising during operation. So you need to calculate the pressure changing towards your target temperature and set a safe value of pressure during processing.
Safety Notes
  • Ni-based Superalloy ( Waspaloy or equivalent) is a reliable processing tube which can be used under high temperature and high pressure. It has excellent ductility and tensile property so only creep deformation happens under overpressure destruction test and following by a crack formed (usually at the hot zone at the center of the tube) to release the pressure. Brittle fracture won’t happen in the overpressure destruction test which means no tube explosion will happen under overpressure 
  • The PIC at left shows left Ni-based Superalloy processing tube under overpressure test
  • Attention: For the use of flammable, toxic or corrosive gases, you must contact MTI engineering group for the consultation to know all the prerequisites and precautionary measures.
  • Attention: A two-stage pressure regulator must be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the pressure to below 3 PSI for safe operation. Click here to learn the installation of a gas regulator.

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