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1100°C Hydrogen Gas Tube Furnace with 60mm Superalloy Tube with Hydrogen Generator & Detector System - OTF-1200X-60HG

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OTF-1200X-60HG is the most safe hydrogen tube furnace in the world . The processing tube is made of high quality Ni-based super-alloy which never crack and broken at flowing Hydrogen gas and a small hydrogen generator is included in the system. One 3M hydrogen detector is included which will shutdown Hydrogen gas generator and gas inlet valve immediately once detecting hydrogen gas leaking .

The tube furnace is designed for processing material under hydrogen gas up to 1100°C safely. Also the furnace can be used for all kind of inert gases and oxygen gas up to 30 PSI. Precision temperature controller is 30 segment programmable.

Furnace Structure
  • Double layer steel casing with air cooling to keep furnace surface temperature lower than 60°C.
  • High purity fibrous alumina insulation for Max. energy saving.
  • Hydrogen detector and solenoid valve are included for safe operation.
  • The hydrogen gas furnace must be placed under a fume hood. Please click here to view the spec of MTI EQ-FH-36 fume hood.

3.0  KW  Max. ( 20A breaker required)

Voltage AC 208-240 Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
Max. Temperature 1100°C  ( < 1 hour )
Continuous Temperature 1000°C
Max. Heating Rate <= 20°C /min
Processing Tube
  • Material: Nickel based super-alloy seamless tube with max. 1200°C working temperature
  • Tube Size:  OD 60 x  ID 52 x  Length 1000 (mm)
Heating Zone length 440 mm ( single zone )
Constant temperature zone 150  mm (+/-1°C)
Temperature controller PID automatic control with 30 segments programmable 
Automatic over-temperature and thermal broken protection
Temperature Accuracy +/ - 1°C
Flanges and Gas Inlet
  • Two sets of CF-63 flanges are weld on two ends of tube which allow high vacuum up to 10E-5 torr and 30 PSI positive pressure.
  • One solenoid valve is installed on left of flange for Hydrogen gas inlet. It connects with hydrogen detector.  Once hydrogen gas leak is detected ( 10% below hydrogen explode point ), gas inlet valve will be shutdown immediately
  • One pressure gauge is installed on the end of gas inlet.  Hydrogen gas pressure must be controlled under 5 PSI, which can be adjust by a stainless steel needle valve
Flow-meter & Hydrogen Detector

Heating Element

Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo

PC Connection
RS485 port is installed in front of panel for PC connection.
PC control module and software are included for computerized temperature control
Click here to review detail information.
Hydrogen generator

click to view details
QL-500 is a compact & light weight, save & cost effective , energy-saving & environmental friendly advanced hydrogen generator. It producing extremely pure hydrogen gas through the electrolysis of pure water without adding any alkaline. It can produce continuous / high purity H2 gas up to 500 ml/min with digital flow rate display, valve regulation and over-pressure safety protection. This generator is idea device to supply H2 gas for material processing, heat treatment and gas chromatography analysis, etc. in research laboratory instead of using heavy, expensive and unsafe hydrogen cylinder.  Note: the hytrogen detector has been set up to attach the hydrogen generator. When the alarm is activated the detector will immediately shut off the hydrogen generator to cut off the hydrogen gas input line in order to ensure the high level safety operation. SPECIFICATION

Output Volume

< 510ml/min

Output Pressure

0.02 - 0.4MPa under stable pressure

Hydrogen Purity >99.999%
Input Power 110V +/-15% 50 / 60Hz , <200W
Contour Dimension 400x300x710mm, (LxWxH)
Water Tank Volume 3.2L
Water Consumption 24.1g/h
Water Requirement water electrical resistivity  > M-ohm/cm
Pipe size to be connected

1/8" O.D


13 kg

Dimension 550 x 380 x 520  mm
Net Weight 50  Kg
Shipping weight 200 lbs
Dimension after crafting 45x45x35  inch
Warranty One year limited warranty for electrical and mechanical parts
Compliance Components:   Temperature controller is Met certified.   
Furnce:          CE certified
CSA certificate is available upon request at extra cost

The tube furnaces with Nickel based super alloy tube are designed for using under vacuum and low pressure < 0.12 atm (absolute pressure)




Premier Solutions Pte Ltd / MTI Corporation - 1100°C Hydrogen Gas Tube Furnace with 60mm Superalloy Tube with Hydrogen Generator & Detector System - OTF-1200X-60HG

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