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1100C Three Zone High Pressure & High Vacuum Tube Furnace with Super-Alloy Tube - OTF-1200X-III-HP-80

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OTF-1200X-III-HP-80 is a high-pressure/ high vacuum split tube furnace with three heating zones. The processing tube is made of a Ni-based superalloy, which offers a solution for heat treatment under both high positive pressure and high vacuum pressure with/without inert gas support to process special compound materials. The furnace can be heated up to a max. 1100°C at 2.5 bar pressure (or 900°C at 80 bars). 



Working Pressure Vs Temp.
  • 200  bar Max. at   650 °C
  • 140  bar Max. at   800 °C
  •  80  bar Max. at   900 °C
  •  50bar Max. at 1000 °C
  •  2.5  bar Max. at 1100 °C
  • 1.2   Bar Max. at  1150 °C
  • Never heat up above 1200°C

Working Gases
  • Inert gas or oxygen
  • No hydrogen or any flammable gas is allowed
Heating Temperature
  • 1100 °C max.for < 1 hour 
  • ≤ 1000 °C continuous
Heating Rate
  •   0   –  200 °C:    ≤ 10  °C/min
  • 200  –  700 °C:    ≤  6  °C/min
  • 700  –  900 °C:    ≤  3  °C/min
  • 900  – 1100 °C:    ≤  1  °C/min
Cooling Rate
  • 1100 – 800  °C:    ≤  5  °C/min
  •  800 – 200  °C:     ≤ 10 °C/min
  •  200 –     0  °C:    free cooling
Heating Zone
  • Three heating zones:  150 mm + 150 mm + 150 mm
  • Total heating zone length: 450 mm 
  • Constant temp. zone: 280 mm ±1°C
Temperature Gradient
  • The furnace is able to achieve a temperature gradient up to 19 °C/inch (150 °C / 200 mm), if
    • The Center zone is heated up to 1000 °C
    • Left and right zones remain idle
Heating Element
  • Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
  • Three Omega K-type thermocouples (OD 3 mm) in the furnace
Temperature Control
  • Three precision digital temperature controllers with 30 programmable segments and +/- 1 ºC accuracy
  • Safety protection of over-temperature and broken thermocouples are integrated
  • PC control software is available at an extra cost
  • Eurotherm 3000 controller with +/-0.1°C accuracy is available upon request at the extra cost.
Process Vessel   
  • Made of Nickel-based superalloy GH747(Click to download GH747 nickel-based alloy datasheet)
  • Size: 85 mm OD x 50 mm ID x 1000 mm L
  • Working gasses: O2 and inert gasses such as N2, Ar, and He
  • Small quartz or alumina boat should be used to load the sample inside the tube. Never place the sample directly onto the tube without a crucible, which may greatly shorten the processing tube service-life
  • Warning: Never put the sample inside the tube directly without crucible or isolated foil to avoid sample react with tube alloy.
  • You may use gold or nickel foil to wrap the crucible to minimize the contamination to the pressure vessel.
  • Attention: The processing tube is consumable. Pls click the photo below to order a spare one
Pressure Sensor and Valve
  • A pressure gauge with a range of 0 – 25 MPa and an over-pressure alarm is installed (downstream side)
  • A pressure control valve with a working range of 0.2 – 15 MPa is installed (the upstream side with a 1/4" BSPP venting port)
  • If the measured pressure reaches the high-pressure alarm value, the pressure control valve will be opened until the pressure drops 0.2 MPa (2 bars) below the alarm value
  • The manual pressure relief valve is installed for manual pressure control and relief (the downstream side with 1/4" BSPP gas outlet port)
High-pressure relief valve
  • A safety pressure relief valve is recommended  (the upstream side with 1/4" NPT venting port)
  • Please info us of your application temperature and we will pre-set the release pressure for you.  For example, you need to heat to 800C, the Max working pressure should be 140 bars, we will pre-set the relief valve to 140 bars. 
Flange and Fitting
  • A pair of 63 mm CF-type flanges are included. Please use a torque wrench (optional, not included) to avoid over-tightening the flange bolts.
  • 2 pieces of copper O-rings (99 mm OD x 82 mm ID x 2.2 mm thickness) are included. Please order extra copper O-rings as consumable parts
  • A pair of cooling fans are included for air cooling the flanges
  • One mobile cart with installation holes is included for easy setup and immediate use
Optional Parts
(with extra cost)
  • Please order heavy-duty rotary vane vacuum pump EQ-YTP-50 for low vacuum operation (Pic  #1)
  • If a high vacuum is needed, please use the turbopump station – EQ-PV-HVS2 (Pic. #2), which can reach 10-6 torr vacuum
  • Gas flow control system is available upon request (Pic. #3)
  • Please use a torque wrench (optional, not included) to avoid over tightening the flange bolts (Pic. #4)
  • To measure the electric properties of thermoelectric ceramics under high pressure & high temperature, please order alumina fixture and high-pressure electrical feedthrough (10 MPa max) with the furnace at extra cost (Pic.  #5 & #6)
 12   3           4    5    6
  • AC 208 - 240V 50/60Hz, single phase
  • 4.2 KW (32 A breaker required)
Operation Instruction         
Compliance and Warranty
  • CE certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at the extra cost.
  • One year limited warranty for lifetime support
    Safety Notes
  • Ni-based Superalloy ( Waspaloy or equivalent) is a reliable processing tube, which has excellent ductility and tensile property so only creep deformation happens under overpressure before a cracking.
  • Please see pics left to see Ni-based Super-alloy ( Waspaloy or equivalent) processing tube under overpressure test
  • Attention: For the use of flammable, toxic, or corrosive gases, you must contact the MTI engineering group for a consultation to know all the prerequisites and precautionary measures.

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