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UL-Standard 1100°C 7.6 Liter Hi-Vacuum Chamber Furnace (UL/CSA ready to pass) - VBF-1200X-H8-UL

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VBF-1200X-H8 is a CE certified vacuum furnace with a 7.5" ID x 13.4"L quartz tube chamber placed horizontally. Water-cooled stainless steel vacuum flanges with valves are installed to achieve a vacuum of 10-2 to10-5 torr through a mechanical or molecular vacuum pump. It is designed for calcining or annealing semiconductor wafers (up to 6") under vacuum or various other gas atmospheres with a temperature up to 1100°C. It also can also be used as vacuum brazing furnace for fusing small parts. 




3000 W max.


Single phase 208 - 240 VAC / 50/60Hz, (20 A breaker required)

Working Temperature

  • <= 1000 °C continuously

  • Max. 1100 °C, < 30 minutes
  • Temperature Uniformity: +/- 2°C

Heating Elements

High quality Ni-Cr-Al resistance wire as heating elements and can be heated up to 1200°C.

Quartz Tube Size & Effective Heating Area

  • Tube size: 8" O.D. x 7.5" I.D x 13.4" L.

  • Heating area: 7.5" ID x 8.5" Depth (7.6Liter)

  • Uniform Temperature zone: 4"dia x 3.5" depth in center position within +/- 5ºC

  • Quartz tube is replaceable ( click picture left to order spare tube )

Vacuum Flange
  • Stainless steel vacuum flange with dual high temperature silicone O-rings at front door.
  • One needle valve is built into the flange for use as gas inlet.
  • One KF25D port on left side of furnace for connection to vacuum pump.
  • A water cooling jacket has been built inside the flange to protect the vacuum sealing assembly from melting at over 300°C. The inlet and outlet ports located on the left side of furnace are used for connecting to a water chiller through two 12 mm dia. polyurethane tubes (water chiller is sold separately). Please click here to review detailed info of the water chiller.
  • A Quartz Thermal Block (filled with fibrous alumina) is included to prevent heat radiation and dissipation. It also provides excellent vacuuming while ensuring a clean environment inside the chamber.
  • Optional: If using the furnace for flat samples, a flat sample holder (pictured left-bottom) can be ordered.

Digital Vacuum Gauge & KF25 Fitting

Vacuum Pressure

Vacuum Level is dependent on the vacuum pump used, connected pipe, interior refractory block's materials etc. By using KFD25, stainless steel pipe, MTI's two stage mechanical pump and KF25 Ball valve, the furnace can achieve vacuum levels below:


  • 10 mtorr (10-2 torr)via mechanical pump within 30 minutes withoutThermal Block
  • 60 mtor

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