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1200ºC Compact Atmosphere Controlled Melting/Casting System (2 Kg Max) w/ Start-up Kit - EQ-VMCS-1200-LD

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EQ-VMCS-1200 is a casting/melting system capable of melting various metal alloys up to a temperature of 1200ºC under a protective gas environment. By utilizing a closed system that removes oxygen during both the melting and pouring processes, oxidation, and defects can be eliminated from metal castings. A compact footprint (18"x 18") and durable construction make this an ideal instrument to be used in alloy research in laboratory settings.  
( Upgeaded to programmable temperature controller from Jume 12, 6/2021) SPECIFICATIONS:
  • High power resistance heating with manual stirring function to ensure alloy melting & casting uniformly.
  • Fast cycle times allow re-casting in just 6 minutes after each pour
  • Easy operation requires only setting the desired casting temperature on the controller, adding the casting grain to the crucible, inserting the flask when the set temperature is reached, and squeezing the casting lever to start the pour
  • Complete accessories are included for immediate use.
  • Manufactured in the USA with the highest-quality components available
Power Requirements
  • Input Voltage: 208 - 240V AC, Single Phase
  • Working Current: 15A
  • Input Power: 3 KW (15A breaker required)
Crucible Chamber     
  • One 800 ml graphite crucible with a casting hole and sealing rod is included. Please click here or the bottom left of the picture to see in detail.
  • Resistance heating coil (long-life design) surrounds crucible for maximum heat transfer and fast-melting 
  • Sealed, the external stirring lever allows the user to inspect molten metals' homogeneity without getting exposed to oxygen, please click the picture on the left for detail. 
  • Crucible can melt max. 2000  grams of steel.
  • BN crucible is available upon request at extra cost
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Flask Chamber (Casting)
  • A standard flask with 3" OD, by 4" height is included. 
  • Accommodates flasks diameters from 2.5" - 4"  and up to 9" high (Max: 102mm dia. x 229mm H)
  • Flask is swiveled out from the bottom of the crucible chamber to enable easy insertion and removal of flasks
  • Bottom-pour design of crucible ensures minimal temperature drop in the metal casting 
Temperature Control
  • 30 segment programmable temperature controller with +/-1oC accuracy is included
  • An immersion thermocouple placed in the center of the melting pool allows a user to closely control and monitor the temperature with the most accurate readings
  • Heating is electronically controlled to minimize temperature overshoot and to hold the set-point temperature stable 
  • Max. working temperature:  1200ºC
Vacuum and Inert Gas
  • Vacuum requirement: 1bar (-29.9" Hg) at sea level
  • Vacuum gauge and handle provide easy monitoring of vacuum pressure
  • Inert Gas Requirement: 5 liters/ minute @ 0.7 bar (10 psi) hi-purity nitrogen or argon
  • Double stage rotary vane vacuum pump is included with this casting system
Start-up Kit
A set of Start-up Kit is optional.
Please click here to see in detail the included consumables in the start-up kit.
General Heating Rate 20 ~30°C / min 
Compliance CE Certified
NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support
Operation Manual & Video    
Application Note
Click here to learn more about the installation of a gas regulator.
  • Attention: A pressure regulator must be installed on your input gas tank ( click picture below to review ) and have the output gas pressure set below 3 PSI at all times after opening the gas tank with the gas maintained in a continuous flowing condition. Gas build-up with pressure levels exceeding over 3 PSI may cause irreversible damage to the furnace chamber.  
  • The flow rate for gases should be limited to < 200 SCCM ( or 200ml/min )
Dimensions   18" W x 18" D x 30" H  (770mm x 460mm x 460mm)
Net Weight 54kg (119 lbs)
Shipping Weight 310 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 48"x40"x45"

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