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1200ºC MIST CVD Furnace for Growth of Ga2O3 Crystals- OTF-1200X-Mist

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OTF-1200X-Mist is a 1200ºC tube furnace integrated with an ultrasonic mist system for epitaxial thin film or single crystal growth via mist CVD method.


  • The splittable tube furnace with  1200oC Max. working temperature 
  • 400 mm length heating zone with 125 mm length constant temperature zone.
  • Quartz processing tube with flanges and the size of OD 60 mm x ID 54 mm x L 1000 mm 
  • 30 segments programmable temperature controller with +/- 1ºC  accuracy
  • Power:  3KW, 220VAC ( +/- 10% ), single phase, 50、60Hz

Ultrasonic Mis Generator

  •  1.7 Mhz ultrasonic generator is located in an airtight SS316 tank. ( click Pic left for specs )
    •  4 levels of ultrasonic power is for adjusting mist amount
    • Mist time is  30 - 180 minutes adjustable
  • A liquid syringe pump is equipped to inject automatically which comes with a 60 ml plastic syringe. The speed range for the liquid injection pump is 0.004 ml/min - 70 ml/min
  • The mist generator is connected to a tube furnace via 1/4" stainless steel tube

MFC Gas Delivery System

  • 4 channels MFC gas mixing and delivering station is included  ( Click Pic left for specs)
  • 2 channel gases are filled into stainless steel tank as carrying gas after mixing
  • another 2 channels of gases are filled into tube furnace as diluting gas after mixing
  • MFC flow rate: 0 - 500 ml/ minute adjustable
  • MFC flow accuracy:  ±0.2%F.S
  • Working pressure range: 0.1~0.5 MPa

Vacuum Pump ( optional )

  • KF 25 vacuum port is installed on the flange of the processing tube with a valve to connect to a vacuum pump
  • A dry pump is strongly recommended for the longer service life of Mist CVD.
  • Please click the picture left to order  a pump if you need

Control Panel

  • Touch screen control panel to set operation parameters, including
    • Temperature program and curve
    • 4 channels gas flow rate
    • Mist generating level and time
  • RS 485 port and PC operation software is available upon request
Net Weight About 150 kg 
One-year limited warranty with lifetime support (Consumable parts such as processing tubes and o-rings are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products below.)
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available at extra cost.
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