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1600ºC Max. MIST CVD Furnace for Continuous Growth of Carbon Nanotube - GSL-1600X-CFM

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     GSL-1600X-CFM is a Mist-CVD system for continuous preparation of carbon nanotube with max. working temperature 1600ºC.   The carbon contented liquid-vapor ( mist ) is sent in the furnace by gas flow via three small ceramic tubes,  the carbon nanotube is formed at the high-temperature zone, then, it deposits on rolling drum continuously.
The furnace temperature, drum rotation speed, and oscillating speed are control by a color touch screen control panel


  • Voltage:  AC208 - 240V,  50/60Hz, single phase,
  • Power:    5200 W
  • Working temperature:      800 -1600℃ 
  • Heating zone Length:      290 mm
  • Heating Rate:                   ≤ 1400℃:≤10℃/min ;1400℃-1600℃:≤5℃/min
  • Temperature controller:   30 segments programmable with an accuracy of ±1℃.

Processing Tube

  • Three OD 25 x L1000 mm alumina tubes are inserted into the furnace at 7o angle as shown in  Pic. left.
  • Three OD 6.35mm  x L 500 mm small alumina tubes are inserted into a 25 mm tube to deliver mist to the heating zone
  • Flanges and SS tubes are included 

Syringe pump and Vapor 
Pic. 1 Pic. 2

  • One digital syringe pump is included and located on the bottom of the furnace
    • Holds syringes from 0.4 mm up to 30 mm in diameter
    • Remembers previous settings on power-up
    • Pumping rate: 0.001 -- 20 mm/min
    • Travel range: 0.001 --90 mm
  •  The syringe pump is connected to compressive gas to produce liquid-vapor ( mist ) as shown Pic. 1-2
  • Option: Multi-channel syringe pump (Pic. 3) and ultrasonic spraying head (Pic. 4) is available at the extra cost 
  •  Pic. 3     Pic. 4

Collecting Drum

  • One rotating drum is included for collecting carbon nanotubes, 
  • Drum size: OD 200 mm X L  400mm, which is made of plastic ( 
  • Rotation speed:  1- 16 rpm programmable
  • Oscillation speed: 0-40mm/min adjustable
  • Option:   Different drum materials and water cooling are available upon request

Control Panel

  • Touch screen control panel to set operation parameters, including
    • Temperature program and curve
    • Drom rotating and oscillation speed
  • RS 485 port and PC operation software is available upon request
Dimensions 1750*820*1150mm
Net Weight About 270 kg 
One-year limited warranty with lifetime support (Consumable parts such as processing tubes and o-rings are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products below.)
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available at extra cost.
Application Note
Operation Video

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