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18650 Pre-Clamped Empty Cylinder Cell Case with Anti-Explosive Cap - 100 Pcs/package - Lib-18650CR

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Note: These empty cylindrical cells are pre-clamped with the cap only and WITHOUT Cathode and Anode, they can NOT be used or charged as regular cylindrical batteries.


  • Cap with Built-in PTC Thermistor for overcurrent protection
  • Cut-off current is about 7A
Dimensions (Dia x Height)
  • Case: 18mm(OD) x 17.5mm(ID) x 67mm(H)
  • Top Cap: 17.5mm(D) x 4.05mm(H)
  • Top Insulator: 12.5mm(D) x 0.19mm(H)
  • Bottom Insulator: 12.5mm(D) x 0.19mm(H)
  • Case and cap are made of  Nickel plated A3 steel
  • Seal O-ring and spacer are made of nylon 
  • No insulating gasket
Weight     9.50 g/pcs
  • Safety valve's open pressure: 2.5MPa (the cap valve will open to release interior high pressure -- if over 2.5MPa -- to ensure the can does not explode)
  • 18650 case's grooving  and sealing machine is available upon request


  • The cylinder cells are grooved it by MSK-500 and then crimped by MSK-510

    Grooved by MSK-500

    Sealed by MSK-510

    Demo Video How to make cylindrical cell


  • Safety protection: Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Thermistor is built into the cap 
  • PTC Thermistor will break the current when heated to 120ºC

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