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2 3/8"x48" (60 ODx54 IDx1200mm L) Alumina Ceramic Tube - EQ-TA-60D-M1200-LD

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3/8" OD larger diameter Alumina tube is made by high purity 99.8% (995) Al2O3 material. 998 alumina tube can be used at operating temperatures to 1750oC in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. Tubes have been evacuated to 10-7 Torr at room temperature. 998 alumina tube proves inert to carbon and refractory metals in many severe situations: SPECIFICATIONS

Purity Al2O3 > 99.8% Made in USA
Density > 3.91 g /cm3
I.D 2-1/8"+/- 0.095" (53.98 +/- 2.16 mm)
O.D 2-3/8"+/- 0.085" (60.33 +/- 2.41 mm)
Length 1200 mm (48"")
Max. working temperature 1750 oC
  • Please don't use alumina tube under vacuum at temperature > 1500 oC when vertically-mounted and >1400 oC when horizontally-mounted
  • Mcdanel strongly recommends keep ramp rate less than 100oC/ hour at 400 - 1700 oCrange
  • Please keep thermal gradient less than 100oC/ inch to avoids cracking
  • Parts should not be placed directly onto the inside surface of a hot furnace tube increase of thermal shock
  • Please handle the tube carefully. Warranty does not include tube (but only for machine MTI provided)
Application Notes Ceramic Crucibles ( Alumina, Quartz and Zirconia etc )

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