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2" x 48" (50 OD x 40 ID x 1200mm L) High Purity Alumina Ceramic Tube - EQ-TA-50D-M1200

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2" larger diameter Alumina tube is made with high purity Al2O3 material. Such an alumina tube can be used at operating temperatures to 1750 oC in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. Tubes can be evacuated to 10-4 Torr via turbopump. It proves inert to carbon and refractory metals in many severe situations. SPECIFICATIONS

Purity Al2O3 > 99%, SiO2 < 0.25%, CaO+MgO < 0.3%
O.D 50mm +/- 1mm
I.D 40mm +/- 2mm
Tube Length 1200 mm 
Detailed dimension drawing
Application Notes Ceramic Crucibles ( Alumina, Quartz and Zirconia etc )

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