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200C 8" Width Hot Rolling Press w/ Digital Pressure Display (Ar Gas Compatible) - MSK-HRP-04B

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MSK-HRP-04B is a desktop rolling press with a maximum working temperature up to 200°C.The temperature of two 8'' wide rollers is individually controlled by two PID temperature controllers to achieve better heating uniformity and control accuracy. The compression pressure force can be measured by the integrated load cell and displayed on the control box during the process. It is an ideal tool for calendering battery electrodes, plastic media, and soft metal foils. Typical usage is to increase material density and achieve better surface quality.  Note: Since 12/18/2020, Digital Micrometers are included in the standard package instead of Mechanical Micrometers.


Effective Calendering Width

200 mm

Roller Material  &  Size
  • High strength hardening steel with hardness RC > 52 (Attention: It is not suitable for calendering materials with RC > 45)
  • Roller surface is plated by Cr for anti-corrosive
  • Size: 96 mm Dia. x 220mm W
  • Roll line speed: 0~26mm/s adjustable
  • Heating power: 1600W (800Wx2)
  • Max. the temperature for the roller: 200°C
  • Note: benchtop rolling press is not suitable for calendering thick metals. For applications with such needs, please consult with MTI engineers

Roller Gap

0~2 mm adjustable
Dial Gauge Accuracy
(Thickness Indicating)
  • 0.001mm

Pressure Force Indication

  • 0~2T (the unit display is Kgf) 
  • (Note: the actual calendering force is dependent on the material physical properties such as hardness and thickness. The rolling gap thickness will also affect the applied force.) 
Heating Temperature
  • Two digital temperature controller with 30 segments programmable for control two rollers separately
  • 150°C suggested, and 200°C maximum
  • Max Heating Rate: 4°C/minute
  • Power of Heating Elements: 2000W
  • Temperature Control Accuracy: +/-5°C


Motor (Ar Gas Glove Box Compatible)

  • High torque 24VDC motor with reducing gear (1:75) 
  • Motor power: 40W
  • Rolling speed adjustable: 5~45 r/min

Output Thickness

  • Depending on the electrode's material and thickness, typically:
    • A 0.16mm thick electrode coated on copper can be pressed into a minimum thickness of  0.1 mm
    • A 0.06mm thick electrode coated on copper can be pressed into a minimum thickness of 0.04 mm
    • A 0.33mm thick silver/gold can be pressed into a minimum thickness of 0.03 mm
  • Thickness uniformity:   +/- 2 microns if  coating electrode thickness +/- 5 micron and each rolling increased < 10 microns


  • MSK-HRP-04-RD R2R system can be integrated with the calendering machine at extra cost to enable the automatic film unwinding -> winding after calendering.(Pic. 1-3) 
  • PC operation with data recording is available upon request at the extra cost (Pic.4)
     Pic. 1         Pic. 2       Pic. 3Pic. 4
  • 405mm(L) x 340mm(W) x 530mm(H), without the carry handles on both side of the machine
  • Shipping Dimensions: 40" x 30" x 40" (D x W x H)



Shipping Weight & DImensions

300 lb; 47"x 39" x 32"

Compliance & Warranty
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at extra cost.
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty
Operation Video & Instructions            
Operation Video                                            Cleaning Instruction                      Laminating
Article References
  • Do not touch the surface of the rolling part of the machine when the rollers are heated up or running.
  •  You may calibrate the temperature by EQ-TC-calibrator-LD, and refer to the instruction here from time to time to ensure heating temperature accuracy
  • Multi-step thickness calendering needed: While calendering the sample sheet, make each calendering decrement of 0.02mm compared with the sheet original thickness.   
  • Never calendering decrement over 0.02mm. Never roll materials with hardness > 45HRC
  • Clean roller surface for each rolling  and Use acetone to clean and lubricate  when not in use to avoid corrosion

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