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200C Vacuum Oven w/ Vacuum Pump and Two Heating Chambers 18x18x18", 180 Liters - DZF-6090-II

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The large vacuum oven DZF-6090-II is a CE certified and UL Ready vacuum and atmosphere oven.
It is perfectly designed for the battery cathode and anode materials storage and baking during the battery fabrication.
The battery pilot line requires one or two large vacuum ovens DZF-6090-II.

  • The maximum working temperature up to 200ºC
  • Two individual heating chambers and controlled by two programmable temperature controllers independently
  • Each heating chamber size: 18"x18"x18", 91 Liter, 3.4 CF
  • One heavy-duty mechanical vacuum pump with the exhaust filter is included and pre-installed at the bottom of the oven.


  • Single Phase AC 208 - 240 V
  • 50-60 Hz
  • 2,200 W
Heating Temperature
  • Room Temperature + 10 ~ 200°C
  • Maximum temperature 200°C
  • Maximum temperature 250°C could be customized with extra cost
  • Two Individual Chambers
  • Inner Chamber size: 450 mm x 450 mm x 450 mm ( 18"x 18" x 18") (W x H x D); 90 Liters (3.4 Cubic Feet)
  • Total Volume of two chambers: 180 Liters (6.8 Cubic Feet)
  • The chamber is made of the stainless steel 1Cr~18Ni9Ti and welded with bracing pieces
  • The mechanical vacuum gauge is included
  • The silicone door gasket and positive latch door ensure the good sealing
Vacuum Level
  • 133 pa (2 Torr)
Temperature Controller
  • +/-1°C accuracy and +/-5 °C uniformity under 100°C; 25" Hg
  • built-in over-temperature protection to make operation safe
Vacuum Pump
  • The vacuum pump is built-in in the bottom case
  • 5.5 CFM (156 L/min)
  • 400W
  • Built-in Filter to keep the pump from moisture and gasses
Dimensions 740 mm (L) x 810 mm (W) x 1470 mm (H)
Net Weight
  • 95 kg
  • 209 lbs
Shipping Size
  • 47" x 40" x 74"
Shipping Weight
  • 670 lbs
  • CE Certified
  • One year limited warranty and lifetime support
  • The consumable sealing O-ring is not included in the warranty
Operation Instruction 
Application Kits
  • For accurate temperature measurement, you may do calibration by using the temperature calibrating kit. 
  • For more information on how to calibrate the oven temperature, please review  How to calibrate the oven.
  • After heating the oven to high temperature, the chamber will be dulled and discolored.
  • They are normal phenomena and will not affect the performance of the oven.
  • All sample inside the chamber should not have any contact with the chamber wall.

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