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3mm Width Nickel Tab with Adhesive Polymer Tape for Pouch Cell Terminal 40pcs/Box - EQ-PLiB-NTA3

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3mm Width Nickel Tab as Negative Terminal for Polymer Li-ion Battery    40pcs/Box

Material: Nickel 99.99%

Length: 60mm

Width: 3mm

Thickness: 0.09mm in Nickel Tab 
                  0.28mm in Nickel Tab with Adhesive Polymer Tape  
Adhesive Polymer Tape is attached on the tab for immediate hot sealing

Application: Connect to anode current collector as polymer battery negative terminal

Net Weight: 160mg/pcs

Gross Weight: 19.01g (Tabs with Box)
Max. Loading Current: 3A
Suggested Sealing Method (parameter below may vary from case to case):

  • Soft type heat-sealing blade (Blade with rubber, see MSK-140)
  • 180-200C for upper blade
  • 160-180C for lower blade
  • 40PSI (0.3Mpa)
  • 3 seconds heating time



Click the picture below to
see polymer battery with tab:

Click below video to see how to weld the tab onto the current collector of the electrode:

Click the link here to see MSK-800
Click the video below to see how to heat sealing the tab onto pouch cell case after the welding:

Click the link here to see MSK-140

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