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5T Economic Hydraulic Lab Press with Safety Cover - YLJ-5-H

5T Economic Hydraulic Lab Press with Safety Cover - YLJ-5-H

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Model YLJ-5-H is an economic manual pressing machine up to 5 metric tons for materials/chemistry research laboratories to prepare the compound ceramic sample. YLJ-5 has a built-in Hydraulic jack with an auto-return function and transparent protective cover.
It is suitable to be operated in a glove box under oxygen and inert gas. SPECIFICATIONS:
Max Pressure 
  • 5 metric tons Max. 
  • The pressure gauge is built-in
Gauge Pressure Value to Force Conversion

Gauge Displayed Pressure Value (Mpa) 20 40
Force Applied on the Hydraulic Cylinder (Ton) 2.5        5    
  • Displayed Pressure Value to Actual Applied Force Conversion: 1 MPa = 0.125 Ton
  • The actual force applied on the Hydraulic Cylinder (Ton) is equal to the force applied on your working piece
  • For calculating the actual pressure (MPa) applied to your working piece, please follow the equations below:
  • P = T x g x 10/ (πr^2)
  • P: pressure (MPa) applied on your working piece
  • T: force (Ton) applied on the Hydraulic Cylinder 
  • g: standard gravity. g ≈ 9.8 m/s2
  • π: ~3.14
  • r: radius (cm) of the working piece
  • *1 Metric Ton = 1000 kg; 1 MPa ≈ 10 kg/cm2 
Max Lifting Height 100 mm
Max. open die width  130 mm
Protection Cover
  • Transparent plastic cover for safety.
  • Note: Put dies from the back of cover during operation.
Dimensions of Machine       
Net Weight 20 Kg ( 66 lbs)
Dimensions of Shipment 40" x 25" x 28"
Weight of Shipment 100 lbs
Press Dies (optional) Please click picture below to order  < 1/2" ( 12.7 mm ) ID  Pressing dies with various diameters  at extra cost
  • The pressing machine was quality inspected in the USA, lifetime support is provided
  • One year limited standard warranty (Extended warranty is available up to 5 years at extra cost)
Application Notes
  • The pressing die cannot be used for pressing powder with the particle size < 30 microns. Small particles may slip into the gap between pushing rod and steel sleeve and cause damages to the sleeve during the compression. Ball mill and sieve the powder and apply only the 32~75 microns power to the pressing die to avoid the damages. Please consider using the 3'' Dia. Sieve Set No.200&450 Mesh to separate the 32~75 microns particles from the powder clumps. Please clean the mold via ethanol after the completion of each experiment.
  • Warning: Customers must always wear protective goggles during operation !!!
  • Do not raise the bottom cylinder (piston) more than it's maximum traveling distance.
  • Operate the presser inside the glove box is not recommended
Operation Instructions

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