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Anti-Corrosion Three Channel Gas Mixing Control Station Made of PTFE Parts - EQ-GSL-3F-PTFE

Anti-Corrosion Three Channel Gas Mixing Control Station Made of PTFE Parts - EQ-GSL-3F-PTFE

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EQ-GSL-3F-PTFE is a three-channel anti-corrosion gas mixing & delivery system. All parts coming in contact with gas are made of PTFE (e.g. valve, pipe, mixing tank and flow-meter).  It is designed for delivering corrosive gases, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and hydrogen selenide ( H2Se) for CVD processing.


Floating meter

Three anti-corrosive Floating Flow-meter made of  PTFE material with s flowing rates of 10 - 1000 mL/min.


Valves  Three needle valves made of PTFE material which controls gas outlet on the front panel
Gas Mixing Tank
  •  1000 mL  gas tank made of PTFE
  •  Each channel gas will flow into the tank for mixing before flow-out
Pipe fitting
  • Pipe fitting made of PTFE and accept  1/4" pipe (nylon or stainless steel)

  • Three Gas Inlet fittings (from gas tanks) are Installed in the right side of the cart
  • Two-channel gases flow into a gas mixer container and one gas channel-independent (please review manual for drawing)
  • Two gas outlet fittings (to tube furnace) are installed in the left side of the cart (one for mixing gas and one independent)
  • 12' length 1/4" PTFE pipe is included for immediate use
Mobile Station
  • Heavy-duty Mobile Cart with four wheels and brake, where MTI small furnace can be put on the top

  • Size 600 mm (L) x 600 mm  (W) x 650 mm ( H)
  • Net Weight: 160 Lb
  • Max. loading weight:  500 Lb
  • Shipping dimension: 41 x 49 x 38 inch
  • Shipping weight: 200 lbs


  •   Two years limited with lifetime support
Oxygen Monitoring An Oxygen Sensor can be used to monitor the oxygen level of gas(es) used in CVD systems for preventing or reducing oxidation. Please click the picture below to learn more:
Application Notes
  • If your CVD processing involves corrosive gas, such as H2S, please consider using PTFE flange on your tube furnace
  • Also, please choose the anti-corrosion dry vacuum pump instead of an oil vacuum pump
Operation Instruction  Operation Manual

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