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Automatic Electrolyte Injection under Vacuum Chamber for 32 Cylindrical Cells - MSK- 32-VGB

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MSK- 32-VGB is an automatic vacuum electrolyte injection system for 32 cylindrical cells, which provide better wetting and diffusion of liquid electrolyte into electrodes.


Vacuumable Glovebox

  • Heavy-duty Stainless steel chamber with dimension:   780mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 650mm(H)
    • Max. Positive Pressure: 810 Torr ( when use gloves)
    • Max. Vacuum Level:     0.05 Torr ( when closing flanges)
  • The one antechamber is built-in  ( dual antechamber is optional)
    • Dimensions: 240mm(ID) x 260mm(L)
    • Max. Vacuum Level: 0.05 Torr x
  • Vacuum flanges in the front are included
  • Power Extension is installed inside the glovebox
  • 240 L/m Heavy Duty Double Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump with Exhaust Filter is included
  • Please click the picture at the left column to see detailed specifications of the glovebox

Electrolyte Injection Station

  • XYZ three-axis platform for liquid injection of up to 32 cylindrical cells ( 18650) per tray
  • Position accuracy:+/- 0.5 mm
  • The precision rotating plunger metering pump achieves high-precision injection with 0.3% accuracy.
  • Min. filling capacity:    1.8 ml.
  • Parameters such as vacuum level, vacuum time,  injection speed, injection volume, and operating speed are programable via the control panel of the touch screen, which is located the outside glovebox.
  • Tray with 32 cells can be put in or taken off for an antechamber
  • Please click the picture at the left column to see detailed specifications of the glovebox

Control Panel

  • The touch screen control panel is installed at the outside glovebox for easy operation.
  • The control panel will preset the program for:
    • Vacuum level ( before electrolyte injection) and dwell time
    • Atmosphere pressure ( when filling gas for sealing)
    • The volume of electrolyte injection for each cell
    • The moving speed  and distance of the X-Y platform  ( different cases with different spacing)

  • Single-phase 208 - 240VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
  • The glovebox:              800W
  • Injection station           3000 W
  • Crimping machine:      No power ( Air Compressor required )
  • Total:                            >5000W power supply required 
Overall Dimensions

Click Picture at right to see details

containment chamber VGB-4P   Vacuum chamber         Injection station      32 cell tray
  • You may consider ordering a gas purification system for the glovebox to keep O2 and H2O below 1 ppm level ( click Pic. 1), which is available at the extra cost
  • You may order a larger vac. glovebox and put the injection and crimping device together (Pic.2)
  • Please order cylindrical cases by clicking Pic. 3 
  •     Pic. 1           Pic。 2      Cylinder Cases and Related Components Pic. 3


  • CE approval
  • NRTL Certification (UL 1450) is available upon request at extra cost  


  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support

Operation Demo Video


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