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Automatic Gas Pressure Control Set with Dual Solenoid Valves, 4E-5 - 1E3 Torr - EQ-PCG-2V-UL-LD

Automatic Gas Pressure Control Set with Dual Solenoid Valves, 4E-5 - 1E3 Torr - EQ-PCG-2V-UL-LD

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EQ-PCG-2V-LD automatic pressure control system is designed for applications that need controlling constant pressure in a closed system with an in-line flow such as Vacuum Tube Furnaces. The Anti-corrosive Digital Vacuum Gauge provides an RS-232 analog output of the pressure signal to pressure control unit which directly controls those two solenoid valves (a feed valve and an exhaust valve).  

  • Only suitable for Mechanical Pumpimproperly usage the EQ-PCG-2V-LD with turbo-pump may permanently damage pump-vane.
  • If you need turbo pump to build a Precision Vacuum Pressure Regulating System, please consider our Motorized Valve and Gauge.
Complete Package includes

Pressure Range
  • Display range: 3.8 x 10-5 to 1125 Torr.
  • Controllable range: 1mTorr-760Torr.
Working voltage AC 110~220V

Typical Operation Procedures for Controlling the Pressure of Tube Furnace 
  • Install feed valve (inlet) on one end of tube flange, then connect it with gas supply cylinder.
  • Install exhaust valve (outlet) on the other end of tube flange, then connect it to vacuum pump or gas recovery system
  • Install digital pressure gauge & controller on the tube flange
  • Well connect the Pressure Gauge and two Solenoid Valves to Pressure Control Unit,
  • Power on the system by 110/220 VAC power source.
  • Set pressure low limit and high limit on digital pressure gauge
  • The pressure inside the tube chamber will be kept within the desired range
Application Notes Gas flow-in/out rate can largely affect system pressure control accuracy, the minimum range of pressure control recorded by using the system shown in below is:
  • +/- 100 mtorr (<1 torr),
  • +/- 20 torr (1~760 torr),
Please click the picture above to see details of system setup.
Operation Manual
  • Vacuum gauge is  ETL certified
  • All electric components in control box ( >24V) are  UL certified
  • CE certified control box is available with $100 upgrade
Warranty One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Adjust the SP1 and SP2 parameters of the digital pressure gauge.
  • Here are the tips: Long press to increase the value; Press once, wait for 3 seconds, and then long press to decrease the value; Press ADJ to return to the main menu.
  • Only the rubber needle included in the package is allowed to use for adjusting the set point SP1 and SP2. The warranty does not cover a defect resulting from misuse or negligence of this tool.

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