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Automatic Precision Electrolyte Injection Station for Micro/Pouch/Cylinder Batteries - MSK-113-A

Automatic Precision Electrolyte Injection Station for Micro/Pouch/Cylinder Batteries - MSK-113-A

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MSK-113-A is a device for the liquid injection of lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors.
It has high liquid injection accuracy, high speed, and can be placed in the glove box for operation.
By replacing the loading tray, the electrolyte solution for different sizes of micro-batteries, coin cell,  pouch and prismatic cell batteries, cylindrical batteries, and supercapacitors. SPECIFICATIONS:


  • XYZ three-axis platform for liquid injection
  • Can be customized to be put in a glovebox
  • The tray clamp is optional for different shapes of the cells to achieve different liquid core injection.  
  • It also can be applied to micro-batteries, pouch cell batteries, prismatic cell batteries, cylindrical batteries, and supercapacitors (battery size is needed when ordering)
  • Choice of precision rotating plunger metering pump or Hibar pump in order to achieve high-precision injection requirements for the desired accuracy
  • Parameters such as injection speed, injection volume, and operating speed can be freely set
  • Liquid shortage alarm function to prevent the sample from not being injected or less injected
  • All stainless steel design, rust-proof, and easy to clean
  • PLC control, HMI operation, easy to use
Input Power
  • AC 220V Single Phase 50 Hz
  • 1KW power
Cell Fixture Plate
  • Cell plate design references:
  • Coin cell (CP1254): 8 x 4 sample plate, 32 positions in total
  • Pouch cell:(TWS1054B): 2 x 5 sample plate, 10 positions in total
  • Cylindrical cell (18650): 8 x 4 sample plate, 32 positions in total
Injection Pump
  • Regular injection: a plunger pump is recommended, 0.1 - 1.8 ml/s, ± 0.5% accuracy
  • Microinjection: a Hibar pump is recommended, 0.02 - 20 ml/s, ± 0.5% accuracy (Different models of pump available, please inform the desired range before ordering.)
Weighing Accuracy
  • ± 0.01g
Electrolyte Dispenser
  • 0.3% accuracy
  • The filling volume of 1.8 Ml/c
Injection Speed
  • Max 450 ml/min
Connection Port
  • Inert Port: 6mm diameter
  • Outlet Port: 4mm diameter
Machine Dimensions
  •   630mm (W) x 530mm (D) x 500mm (H)
Net Weight
  • 140 lbs
  • One-Year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • NRTL or CSA Certification is available upon request at an extra cost
Application note This device can be integrated into a vacuumable glovebox to achieve a vacuum injection (Pic. 1), or together with the crimping machine of a cylindrical cell (Pic. 2). Click the pictures below to see detail specifications:
      Pic. 1 (Vacuum Glovebox)        Pic. 2.  Glovebox with crimping machine
Operation  Video

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