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Automatic Recirculating Gas Purification System With Temperature Control System- RMP-2F-LD

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RMP-O2 is an automatic recirculating oxygen purification system with a touch screen temperature control panel, which can provide an environment with oxygen concentration lower than 1 ppm for MTI's tube furnace. The gas purification system can replace expensive (10-6 torr) turbopump vacuum systems to achieve better oxygen-free conditions for crystal growth, CVD furnaces, and Ti alloy annealing furnace, etc.


Working Voltage

  • 20V 50/60Hz, Single Phase (110V version is available at extra cost)
  • 1500W Max.
Purification System
  • Precision oxygen is built-in ( without humidity sensor )
  • Automatically purging function is built-in for quick reducing O2 < 100ppm before recycling.
  • The automatic pressure control system is built in to keep the pressure at a constant level.
  • Purification Cylinder: made of BASF antioxidant materials and UOP water adsorbent materials.
  • Purification ratings: O2 < 1ppm  ( H2O < 1 ppm will reach <1 ppm when oxygen < 1 ppm)
  • Moisture removal capacity: 2 kg
  • Oxygen removal capacity:   60L
  • Stainless steel pipe connection
  • Flow Rate: 1-60m³/h
  • Auto regeneration process with user-defined parameters.
  • 6" color PLC touch panel is included which can set and display the oxygen and pressure level, and temperature control programma.
Purification Pipeline
  • Two 304 stainless steel KF40 ports for inert gas inlet/outlet recirculation through the filter
  • One heavy-duty vacuum pump, 156L/m is included in this system: EQ-FYP-Pump
  • Note: You need to order two sets of 1000mm length SS Bellows: KF-40 to the KF-25 Reducer UnionKF-40 & KF-25 quick clamp to connect the purification system to MTI's VGB-3 or VGB-4A glove box. KF-40 to the KF-25 Reducer Union are available at extra cost (Please click on the third picture below for details)


Working gases

  • Working gases: Helium, Nitrogen, Argon
  • Regeneration Gas: 95% N2 + 5% H2 gas
  • One flow meter is included for accurate gas filling

Communication with MTI furnaces

  • The purification system has a build-in connection port to the MTI furnace. 
    Control and monitor furnace status can be set over the touchscreen.

Net weight
  • 60 kg (135 lbs)
Product Dimension
  • 960mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 800mm(H) (38" x 28" x 32")
Shipping Dimension
  • 1100mm(L) x 815mm(W) x 1200mm(H) (44" x 32" x 47")
Application Note      (1)     (2)       (3)      (4)     (5)
  1. Annealing Ti alloy with or without sensor to replace high-cost turbo-pump.
  2. Connect to a glovebox to remove moisture  for battery research at lower cost  
  3. Connect to a Bridgman grower to synthesize metallic single crystal with Ar gas saving
  4. Connect with atmosphere controlled box furnace for sintering
  5. Connect with an atmosphere controlled quenching furnace. 


Standard Package

No. Name Qty. Accessories Picture
1 RMP-O2 Purification System 1
2 Metal Support  1
3 KF40 Bellows  2
4 KF40 Clamp 2
5 Power Cable  1
6 Foot Pedal  1
7 PLC Touch Panel  1
8 Pressure Sensor  1
9 Connecting cable 1 set

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