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Automatic Vacuum Sealer Integrated w/ Electrolyte Injection & Diffusion for Pouch Battery - MSK-113-PM

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MSK-113-PM is a semi-auto three-in-one vacuum sealer with a four-position rotational platform for the stream-flow processes of pouch battery fabrication including electrolyte injection, electrolyte diffusion & degassing, and vacuum hot sealing. It features an air-tight chamber with a front observation window and operation gloves which allow the operation in a moisture and oxygen-free environment. In this technique, the pouch cell is loaded in station#1 following the electrolyte injection in station#2. Then, the cell will be transferred to station#3 for vacuum degassing & diffusion which helps with electrolyte wetting over the electrode materials. Finally, the cell will be transferred to station#4 for gas removal and hot seal under vacuum conditions. This is an ideal system for pilot-scale pouch battery manufacturing with accurate and efficient workflow.
Note:  This machine must be operated in a dry room. SPECIFICATIONS:
Advanced Features
  • A four-position rotational platform enables the continuous flow-stream process of battery cell loading, electrolyte injection, electrolyte diffusion & vacuum degassing, and the final vacuum hot sealing. Please refer to pic.1 for platform configuration.
  • Featured an air-tight chamber with a front observation window and operation gloves. The unit provides inlet and outlet valves for continuous inert dry gas purging. It protects the cells from moisture or oxygen exposure during the process. Please refer to pic.2 for details.
  • Two air-tight ante-chambers with pneumatic isolation gates are featured on the left (for cell load-in) and the right (for cell unload) sides of the chamber. Please refer to pic.2 for details.
  • Three entrance doors with positive latches (left, right & back) provide easy access to the working station adjustment and maintenance. Please refer to pic.3 for details.
  • A large LCD touch screen on the front enables easy control over electrolyte injection amount & rate, vacuum diffusion/degassing period & cycles, sealing temperature & time. Please refer to pic.4 for details. 
  • The system is designed to use in a dry room
                               Pic.1                                   Pic.2                       Pic.3                           Pic.4
Input Power
  • Three phases AC 380 V 50 Hz
  • 6KW power
  • Three phases AC 220V version is available upon request
Working Gas
  • 0.5~0.8 Mpa high purity compressive inert gas (Ar is preferred) is required for driving the pneumatic system
  • < -60℃ dew point
  • Continues dry inert gas purging for the working chamber is required to maintain a dry atmosphere for electrolyte injection and diffusion 
Pouch Size Adaptability
  • Max. L180*W150mm
  • Min. L62*W46mm*H6mm
  • Large size is available upon request
Electrolyte Dispenser
  • Electrolyte plunger metering pump is included for precise electrolyte filling (0.3% accuracy)
  • Filling volume and injection rate adjustable via touch screen control
Vacuum Degassing 
  • Vacuum range:  -95 ~ 0 kPa adjustable
  • Dwell Time: 0~99 seconds adjustable
Sealing Die 
  • Sealing width: 4 mm (customizable)
  • Sealing length: ≤ 180 mm
Seal Pressure 
               pic1                                    pic2
  • Pressure range: 0.3~0.6 Mpa adjustable.
  • Consumption: ~ 0.1 L compressed air per sealing
  • Attention: If a gas cylinder is used instead of an air compressor(pic2), a two-stage pressure regulator(pic1) must be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the pressure within the required working range for safe operation. Click here to learn the installation of a gas regulator.
Sealing Temperature
  • Two digital temperature controllers on the front panel provide independent control for the left and right heating dies.
  • Temperature range: 50 ~ 250 ℃ adjustable (accuracy +/- 3 ℃)
  • Recommended sealing temperature: 180~190 ℃
Sealing Time  and Speed
  • 3-4 seconds for sealing each cell only
  • ~ 30 secons to make electrolyte injection and sealing  for each pouch cell
Vacuum Pumps (not included)
  • Two rotary vacuum pumps are needed for vacuum diffusion and degassing and vacuum sealing. Please click the picture below to purchase separately.
Machine Dimensions
  • Footprint: W1250*D1050*H2250mm
Net Weight
  • 1.5 ton
  • One -Year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • NRTL Certification is available upon request at an extra cost
Operation Manual & Video
Application Notes
  • Please clean the sealing dies after each use. Clean the sealing die after it has cooled down to avoid corrosion by the electrolyte.
  • Check the level and smoothness of sealing die surface regularly. If there is damage to the sealing die, please contact MTI to order a replacement.
  • The featured air-tight chamber enables the operation under Ar atmosphere where Lithium-SulfurLithium AirLithium Solid State, or Li-ion half cell will be assembled. Please click the images below to understand these technologies and how it fits in a glove box.

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