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Benchtop Roll-to-Roll Tape Casting System with Heating Bed and Hot Rolling Press - MSK-AFA-HRP-150

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MSK-AFA-HRP-150 is a benchtop roll-to-roll electrode coating system. Such a system features electrostatic dust remover for a particle-free coating environment. The calendar with pressure readings allows thin films to be densified right after the bake-out. The roll-to-roll fashion enables the continuous treatment process: substrate feeding, tape casting, bottom heated drying, roll pressing, reeling the processed films. It is ideal for coating applications such as lithium-ion battery electrode slurry, solid-state electrolyte film, and ceramic film research.  SPECIFICATIONS


  • R2R fashion enables automatic substrate feeding and receiving
  • The doctor blade is included for tape casting
  • The bottom heated bed provides uniform heating and drying for the coating slurry
  • Rolling press with pressure readings, up to 200ºC, 2 tons force


  • Hot Rolling Press: 208 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase, 1.8 kW
  • Roll-to-roll Coating: 208 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase, 1.2 kW

Coating Method & Precision

  • Tape casting is done with a doctor blade on a flat marble platform
  • Doctor Blade Coating technique (click the picture on the left to see details)
  • Coating Thickness Precision: 0.01 mm
  • One 150mm blade is included. MSK-AFA-HRP-150 can take a blade up to 180mm wide.

Coating Performance

  • 150 mm with an included doctor blade.
  • Max. coating width: 180 mm with an optional doctor blade.
  • Max. substrate width: 188 mm
  • Max. substrate roll diameter: 80 mm
  • Speed: 2 - 100 mm/s adjustable
  • Thickness: 0 - 5 mm adjustable
  • Max. Coating Length: Depending on the coating and substrate thickness. (The slurry consumption)

Drying Chamber

  • 90 °C Max bottom heating bed
  • The casting flatbed is enclosed by a 1000mm long drying chamber. A 1 kW heating plate enables continuous-flow heated circulation through the drying chamber. 

Static Control & Dust Removal

  • A destabilizing bar for neutralizing the static of the substrate material.
  • Air curtain (8 mm width, 180 mm long) for dust removal (Air pressure: <10 psi)

Heatable Roll Pressing System

  • Effective calendering width: 200mm
  • High strength hardening steel with hardness HRC > 52  (Attention: It is not suitable for calendering materials with HRC > 45)
  • The Roller surface is plated by Cr for anti-corrosive property
  • Roller Size: 96 mm Dia. x 220mm W
  • Temperature: 200 °C max.
  • Pressure Up to 2T

Rolling Pressing Performance

  • Roller Gap: 0 - 1.8 mm adjustable
  • Dial Gauge Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Pressure: 0 - 2000 kgf  (Note: the actual calendering force is dependent on the material physical properties such as hardness and thickness. The rolling gap thickness will also affect the applied force.)

Roller Heating System

  • Two digital temperature controller with 30 segments programmable for control two rollers separately
  • Max Temperature: 150 °C suggested (200°C maximum)
  • Max Heating Rate: 4°C/minute
  • Power of Heating Elements: 1600 W
  • Temperature Control Accuracy: ±5 °C

Dimensions & Weight

  • 2785mm L *550mm W *530mm H with Drying Chamber closed.
  • 2785mm L *550mm W *700mm H with Drying Chamber opened.
  • 100 kg 

Shipping Weight & Dimensions

  • 2 Pallets
  • 280 lbs, 47"x39"x35"
  • 370 lbs, 48"x39"x43"


  • CE Certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at the extra cost.


  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty (Please use Acetone to clean and dry the doctor blade, slurry feeder, and roller to avoid rusting)
Operation Instructions               
  • 100 mm slot die head with a syringe pump is available optionally for 5-micron thin film coating (click Pic.1) 
  • Slurry Delivery:  You may use Precision Peristaltic Slurry Pump for continuous slurry delivery during the roll to roll coating process.(pic,2)
  • R2R Air-plasma surface cleaning is available upon request Pic.3-4
  • Pic. 1      Pic. 2              Pic. 2         Pic. 4
Application Notes
  • Graphie Slurry:                                      Slurry Material : H2O = 40:60 wt
  • Slurry Material:                                      95.5% MCMB, 2.25% CMC, 2.25% SBR
  • Viscosity:                                               5000 - 6000 mPa·s  @ 22 °C
  • Doctor Blade Thickness Setting:           0.1 mm
  • Substrate Feeding Speed:                     3 mm/s
  • Drying Chamber Temperature:              80 °C
  • Measured Dry Film Thickness (DFT):    0.065 mm (before Hot Rolling Press)
  • Thickness after Hot Rolling Press:         0.043 mm (@ 80°C with 0.04 mm clearance setting)
  • Uniformity:                                             ±0.002 mm (along length direction)

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