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Bipotentiostat model CS2350

Bipotentiostat model CS2350

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Potential control range:First Channel: ±10V
                                       Second Channel: ±10V
Current control range:±2.0A
Potential control accuracy:0.1%×full range±1mV
Current control accuracy:0.1%×full range
Potential resolution:10μV (>100Hz),3μV (<10Hz)
Current sensitivity:1pA
Rise time:<1μs (<10mA), <10μs (<2A)
Reference electrode input impedance:1012Ω||20pF
Current range:2nA~2A,10 ranges
Compliance voltage:±21V
Maximum current output:2.0A
CV and LSV scan rate :0.001mV~10000V/s
CA and CC pulse width:0.0001~65000s
Currtent increment during scan:1mA@1A/ms
Potential increment during scan:0.076mV@1V/ms
SWV frequency:0.001~100 kHz
DPV and NPV pulse width:0.0001~1000s
AD data acquisition:16bit@1 MHz,20bit@1 kHz
DA Resolution:16bit, setup time:1μs
Minimum potential increment in CV:0.075mV
IMP frequency:10μHz~1MHz
Low-pass filters:Covering 8-decade
Potential and current range:Automatic
Operating System: Windows 2000/NT/XP/ win7/win8/win10
Weight / Measurements: 8kg,36.5 x 30.5 x16cm


Electrochemical impedance

Signal generator
Frequency range:10μHz~1MHz
AC amplitude:1mV~2500mV
DC Bias:-10~+10V
Output impedance:50Ω
Waveform:sine wave, triangular wave and square wave
Wave distortion:<1%
Scanning mode:Logarithmic/linear, increase/decrease

Signal analyzer
Integral time:minimum:10ms or the longest time of a cycle
Maximum:106 cycles or 105s
Measurement delay:0~105s

DC offset compensation
Potential automatic compensation range:-10V~+10V
Current compensation range:-1A~+1A
Bandwidth:8-decade frequency range, Automatic and manual setting


CS2350 bipotentiostat has two sets of built-in independent potentiostat /galvanostat. Experiments can be conducted simultaneously in each channel. Besides this, the two channels can jointly complete experiment of two-working electrode system such as RRDE and HDT. CS2350 bipotentiostat is the real double-channel potentiostat. It uses Ethernet connection. The customer can choose to use only one channel or both channels during experiment.CS2350 equals to two sets of single-channel potentiostat(CS350+CS150).
Application (1) Electrosythesis, electrodeposition (electroplating), anodic oxidation, electrolysis
(2) Oxygen reduction reaction(ORR), oxygen evolution reaction (OER), Hydrogen evolution reaction(HER), carbon dioxide reduction.
(3) Energy and materials (Li-ion battery,solar cell, fuel cell, supercapacitor), advanced function materials, and sensor.
(4) Corrosion behavior of metals, and anti-corrosion evaluation
(5) Fast evaluation of inhibitor, water quality stabilizer, coating, and cathodic protection efficiency. Typical applications for bipotentiostat Rotating ring-disk electrode(RRDE)
Oxidation/reduction reaction (ORR) study: while measuring the polarization curve of disk electrode in the main channel, apply a constant polarization potential on the ring electrode, and thus detect the intermediate products on the disk electrode. RRDE test becomes the typical method for ORR study.
Hydrogen diffusion test(HDT)
Two-channel potentiostats are combined with H-cells. By measuring current of cathode hydrogen charging (the left cell) and hydrogen atoms anode oxidation (the right cell), it can further calculate the diffusion coefficient of hydrogen atoms in metal and hydrogen flux.

Standard supply for a set of CS2350 bipotentiostat
Instrument host CS2350 x1
CS studio software x1
Power cable x1
Ethernet cablex1
Electrode cable x4
Dummy cell (1kΩ||100µF) x2
Manual x1
*If you also need electrodes and cells, please contact us for purchase.
1. Warranty period: 1 years
2. Provide installation guidance and manual, software installation video.
3. Lifetime free software upgrading and technical service
4. Provide repair service for free

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