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Cold Crucible Vacuum Levitation Melting Furnace (65KW, 250g Ti Max.) with Magnetic Stirring Function - EQ-FMF-65

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EQ-FMF-65 is floor-stand Cold Crucible Vacuum Levitation-Melting system for exploring new generation magnetic alloy and metallic materials. With the powerful 65KW induction heater, the system can effectively heat metallic samples upto 250g (Ti), 1800C max. The special designed water-cool copper crucible in the SS vacuum chamber is contamination free to charge material benifits from the non-contact levitation heating. Strong electromagnetic stirring also promotes excellent thermal and chemical homogenization of the melt.
Induction Heater 
  • Working Voltage: 220VAC +/-10%, Three phases, 50/ 60 Hz. 
  • Output Frequency: 20-50 kHz
  • Max. Output Power: 65KW
Copper Crucible

Refractory-free induction melting under vacuum or controlled gas atmosphere eliminates the possibility of contamination from the ceramic crucibles. The magnetic field produced by the coil intensely stirs the liquid pool and promotes a very homogeneous melt.

  • Dimensions:50 mm(ID) x 100 mm depth
  • The copper cold crucible is made up of 16 water-cooled segments which have a joint connection to the bottom. 
  • Max. Load:  250 g of Ti ,  140g Fe
  • Water flow rate: 6~8m³/H (100~133.3L/m)
  • A vacuum  charger adding port  is available upon request at extra cost
  • Tillable coil and crucible for casting sample into a water cold copper mold is available at the extra cost
 Working Temperature
  • Max. 1800℃
  • Infrared pyrometer for temperature measurement
 Vacuum Chamber and Lid
  • 304 Stainless steel made chamber with double layer water cooling jacket ensures low surface temperature < 40℃
  • SS flange with quartz observation window allows the user to mornitor the crucible melt during the process. Tinted observation glass is integrated for eye protection purpose.
Vacuum Pump
  • One turbo pumping system (620L/s) with two stage backing pump (6L/s) are included
  • Rotary and turbopumps are integrated in the bottom of the machine casing
  • Pirani and Ionized Gauge are installed for vacuum measurement.
  • Max. achievable vacuum level: 6.67x0^-4 Pa (RT, unloaded)
Water Chiller and Gas requirement (Not included)          
Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
Application Notes
  • The Melting System are designed for using under vacuum and low pressure < 0.02 MPa / 0.2 Bar/ 3 PSI 
  • Attention:A pressure regulator must be installed on your input gas tank ( click picture below to review ) and have the output gas pressure set below 3 PSI at all times after opening the gas tank with the gas maintained in a continuous flowing condition. Gas build up with pressure levels exceeding over 3 PSI may cause irreversible damage to the chamber.  
  • WARNING: Understand the standard procedure for vacuum melting and inert gas melting prior to operation. Read the manual carefully. Monitor and properly control the inside pressure of the reaction vessel at all time during operation. Otherwise, failure of operation may result in damage to the equipment or personal injury.
  • For customization inquiries, please complete the "Customize Induction Heating System Form" and return it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Operation Manual & Video          
Dimensions & Weight
  • 1300 L x 1550 W x 1450 mm H
  • 650Kg

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