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Compact Vacuum Arc Melting System with Vacuum Casting Mold for 6mm Dia. Rod - EQ-SP-MSM208

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EQ-SP-MSM208 is a compact vacuum arc melting furnace with a Vacuum Suction Casting mechanism. Such a unique feature can produce cast products ( 6mm Dia. rod shape, up to 30g) by drawing the molten metal into the bottom cold copper casting mold.  The sucking force applied results in a fast-moving and cause the rapid solidification of the melt which is ideal for reducing the shrinkage cavity defects. The machine also features a built-in mechanical manipulator for tilting and rotating metal ingots if the re-smelting process is needed. The SS304 chamber ensures a clean and healthy atmosphere suitable for the most demanding experimental requirements.  ( Sealing tube option added on Dec 12, 2018) SPECIFICATIONS:

  • Utilize the vacuum force to draw melt into the casting mold at the bottom to form a 6mm Dia. rod.
  • Designed for melting samples < 10g iron-based alloy up to 3000 °C under tiny positive pressure or low vacuum
  • Water-cooled SS vacuum chamber, electrode, and copper crucible allows arc melting of multiple samples without cross-contamination
  • Powerful arc melting power supply enables reliable, stable arc ignition
  • Easy electrode tilting and height adjustment via a handwheel
  • A built-in mechanical manipulator for tilting and rotating samples without breaking the vacuum
  • A tinted observation window on the front for monitoring the melting process
Casting Module       Chamber Door       Front Window       Flashlight Insert        Manipulator
Vacuum Chamber
  • Water-cooled vacuum chamber with dimensions of Φ 182 mm × 225 mm H
  • A Φ120mm front door for easy sample loading and retrieving
  • A tinted observation window on the front for monitoring the melting process
  • A built-in mechanical manipulator for tilting and rotating samples without breaking the vacuum
  • Material: Made of SS304 Steel
Vacuum Suction Casting & Copper Crucible 
  • Vacuum suction casting 6mm Dia. rod, 30g max.  (3 - 8 mm casting mold is available upon request). Please see picture 2 for 3 mm x 70 mm rod
  • The sucking force is generated by evacuating the bottom cold copper casting mold. This results in rapid solidification of the melt which is ideal for reducing the shrinkage cavity defects 
  • One solenoid valve is built-in for sucking operation
  • The water-cooled copper crucible has 7 cavities:
  • The central cavity (50mm dia. x 10mm depth) is for vacuum suction casting
  • The other six-round cavities (20 mm Dia. × 8 mm depth) are reserved for metal alloy pellet preparation, max. 10g
  • Note: The Copper Mold has been upgraded to the above dimensions since 08/2021 (pic.1 & 2).
  • Optional:  You may modify crucible in 70 mm Dia. to melt and casting  max.100 g ( Fe based alloy)
  •  pic.1     pic.2     pic 3
Vacuum Pressure Gauge
Vacuum Pump (Optional)
  • The vacuum level is dependent on the vacuum pump used:
    • 10^-3 torr via a mechanical/roughing pump. (Roughing Pumps
    • 10^-5 torr via a turbopump. 
  • Using a gas purification system ca keep oxygen < 1 ppm, which is equal to 10-6 torr vacuum
Power Supply  
  • Input voltage: 110 or 220 VAC selectable, single phase
  • Input current: 34A max. (One 40A breaker is installed in the power supply. Recommended wall breaker amp ≥ 40A)
  • Output DC output:
    • 15 V / 125 A at 35% duty cycle - 110 V input ,  
    • 18 V / 185 A at 35% duty cycle - 220 V input
  • Minimum DC current output: 5 A
  • Pulse DC and AC output modes available
  • Foot pedal control of the output current
Tungsten Electrode
  • 4 mm Dia. tungsten electrode with water cooling, Non-consumable tungsten arc stinger
  • Easy electrode tilting and height adjustment (30 mm max) for multiple-cavity melting
  • Capable of melting samples < 10g up to 3000 °C, which can melt all types of metals
  • Pic. A is a 4.5 g tungsten melt drop 
  • Pic.B is a 10 g tungsten melt drop
  A.4.5 g                      
Option at extra cost
  • If you choose a larger copper crucible with  55 Dia x 10D (mm) as the pic below (Pic.1-3), with a modified electrode tip 300A power supply, the furnace can melt and cast 50 g SS304.  Please contact MTI to request a quote.
  • The furnace can be used for sealing Ta or any alloy tube by optional rotation module as the Pic below  (Pic.4-7)
Pic.1                     Pic.2                      Pic.3                                Pic.4                                  Pic.5                               Pic.6                          Pic.7
Water Chiller & Gas (Optional)
  • Water cooling is required (not included) for the chamber, copper mold, and electrode. Please consider our KJ-5000 recirculating water chiller.
  • Water-tube for MTI Water Chiller is Size: 12mm O.D x 8mm I.D
  • High purity inert gas with at least 5N purity (>99.999%) is required (not included)
  • 5% Hydrogen + 95% Argon gas may be used to prevent oxidation during the melting process
Furnace Dimensions 
  • 540 mm W × 540 mm D × 920 mm H (exclude the power supply) 
  • Power supply dimension: 320 mm L x 185 mm W x 485 mm H
Net Weight
  • 50 kg
Shipping Weight & Dimensions
  • 500 lbs
  • 48" x 40" x 52"
  • CE certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available at an extra fee. Please contact us for the quote.
  • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
Operation  Video     
         Older Version                      New Version
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Application & Warning Notes
  • High purity 》5N Ar gas is required for the smelting operation. 
  • A two-stage pressure regulator must be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the pressure to below 3 psi for safe operation. Click here to learn the installation of a gas regulator (Pic.1)
  • To avoid any damages to the mechanical pump or turbopump, please install an Inline Particle Trap (maximum 1E-4 Torr vacuum with turbopump) on the pump inlet port (Pic. 2)
  • Must Wear Welder Glass or Auto Welding Shade while observing the Arc while welding. 
  • The unit is designed for arc melting operation under positive 0.01 MPa to negative 0.09 MPa pressure). Never operate the unit at a high vacuum or high positive pressure!
  • During melting operation, never allow the electrode to touch the material or the copper crucible! Do not operate the mechanical manipulator during the melting process.
  • Option: The user may use a quartz tube shielding to effectively reduce the splash and spilling while arc melting. Please click pic 3 to watch the demo video.
                1         2            3    
  • Note: Since July 20, 2020 , cavity size is changed into 20 mm dia, and casting mold is changed to place from top 

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