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CST500 Galvanic corrosion/electrochemical noise measuring meter

CST500 Galvanic corrosion/electrochemical noise measuring meter

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Data resolution: 24bit AD
Data acquisition rate: 0.01~1000Hz
Input impedance: 1×1011Ω
Potential measuring range: ±5V
Current measuring range:±20mA
Current range: 20mA~2nA, 6 ranges
Potential resolution: 10μV
Current resolution:10pA
Communication: RS485/RS232
Baud rate: 115200bps
Power: AC220/ 4 AA rechargeable battery
CST500 Galvanic corrosion/electrochemical noise measuring meter is composed of high-quality CMOS and BiFET® integrated circuits. It is used to monitor the real-time galvanic corrosion or electrochemical noise signals. The user can run the ENTools software (based on Windows OS) to control, or just press the touch keyboard on the panel to operate. The galvanic current density, galvanic corrosion rate, noise resistance Rn and pitting corrosion index can be obtained. ENTools software also supports vectorgraphs, and the graphs can be pasted into Word files.
Working principle
    CST500 employs the industrial-grade MCU control chip, and use chopper-stabilized amplifier Max7650 as the front end amplifier.Temperature drift is less than 1mV/℃, and time drift is lower than 10μV/month. Based on the principle of Zero Resistance ammeter, it monitors the electrochemical noise and galvanic current.
Main hardware features
Built-in double channel 24bit high precision AD converter;
Maximum sampling rate is 1000Hz;
Auto current range;
Low-pass filter to eliminate the high-frequency noise interference;
Communication: RS232/485;
All-optical isolation design circuits to avoid the influence of the ground circuit.
The diagram of working principle of CST500
1. lab and in-situ field: galvanic corrosion, electrochemical noise and localized corrosion measurement;
2. precision impedance transformation and micro current monitoring.
  ENTools software is for remote on-site galvanic corrosion measurement(see the below pic). It can be used to measure the galvanic corrosion and electrochemical noise signals, and calculate the galvanic corrosion rate through data analysis. The user can open multi data files simultaneously for editing and printing. It can graphically show real-time measured data . Data and graphs can be printed and saved easily.
ENTools software interface(left) &measured electrochemical noise spectrum(right)

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