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CST600 cathodic protection monitoring meter

CST600 cathodic protection monitoring meter

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Measurement channel:8 channels
Data acquisition rate: 0.01 Hz~10,000Hz
DC potential range: ±5V
DC current range: 0~2A
AC signal amplitude:0~5Vrms   
AC frequency range:0~200Hz
Potential resolution: 0.1mV
Current resolution: 0.1nA
Data memory: 16Mbytes
Communication: RS485, baud rate: 115200bps
Power supply: AC220V/ 4 AA batteries
Battery life: ~ 40h (continuous working)
Dimension (cm):29.5 (length) x16.5 (width) x20 (height)
Ambient: temperature: -10°C~50°C, relative humidity <=80%, no corrosive gas existed.

CST600 cathodic protection monitoring meter can measure and record 4-channel pipeline-earth protection potential and the output current/voltage value of 4 sets protection power supply. It's used for real-time monitoring of the condition of cathode protection power supply(or sacrifice anode).
It has a built-in 16Mbytes Flash data memory (ROM), which can save 30,000 records (usually for 3 years at sampling rate of 1 record/h). An embedded high precision real-time clock chip can provide calendar time for every record. CST600 is designed according to portability and reliability principle to achieve good convenience in the field.
  CST600 is composed of high-quality CMOS and Bi-FET® IC chips including low power consumption MCU chips, multi-channel switcher, precise instrumental amplifier, 24 bit AD converter and high capacity Flash memory. The MCU is responsible for data acquisition, storage, and transferring of the CP potential & current. A group of expandable IO ports can be used to a timing signal for the acquisition of real protection potential during the synchronically interrupted current period.
  CST600 data logger supports good human-machine interface (HMI) through a set of LCD and film keyboard, as well as high efficient power supply management module to achieve longer battery life.


 Data logging of the protection potential and output current in impressed current or sacrificial anode CP system; Interference analysis of the strength of in-situ AC and DC electrical field.

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