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AVS Inc - High temperature HIP custom furnace

Customer specifications drive the performance of every AVS furnace.  AVS stands alone in the industry, willing to build custom furnaces that enable customers to combine several processes for the most advanced, customer confidential applications.  To build the right custom furnace, AVS uses the customer’s intimate process knowledge to determine the ideal performance criteria.  The customer specifies all size, weight, temperature, uniformity, vacuum, pressure, and gas atmosphere requirements; AVS provides the expertise in design, fabrication and integration.

With over 40 years of experience and hundreds of furnaces in use around the world today, AVS engineering is able to draw upon an assortment of technologies to design unique solutions for each customer’s individual circumstances.  AVS fabrication capabilities can accommodate furnaces of any size ranging from 4 inch diameter mini furnaces to hot zones 12 feet across and larger.  AVS selects the right materials for each application, choosing from graphite hot zones, metal hot zones or induction heat.  AVS furnaces have satisfied the special requirements of numerous customers over the years by combining high temperatures to 3000°C with high vacuum to 10-6torr, or gas pressures up to 3000 psig (200 bar).  The addition of precision hydraulics, advanced gas control technologies for pressure and partial pressure atmospheres, or complex semi-continuous product transfer systems in multi-stage furnaces, enable AVS to provide solutions for your toughest processing demands.



Premier Solutions Pte Ltd / AVS Inc - High temperature HIP custom furnace

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