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Customized Digital Micrometer Adjustable Film Applicator -216mm (8.5") Width - EQ-Se-KTQ-222-D

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Adjustable Film Applicator - This unique wet film applicator features micrometer heads for knife blade adjustment. 
The operator sets the blade clearance by adjusting the micrometers. This is an excellent tool to make a quality film for material research laboratories to make ceramic tape casting, battery electrodes, and various coating at a lower cost. Stainless steel knife blade with a precision ground edge. 


  • 216 mm coating width. ( ~8.5")
  • 229 mm frame width       ( ~ 9.0")
  • Built-in a slurry guiding plate to make coating material evenly distributed ahead of blade.
  • Make wet film thickness between 0 - 5000 microns.
  • The micrometer head's controllable accuracy is 3 microns.
Structure & Dimension                                                                  
Digital Micrometer
  • The digital micrometer:
    • Digital Micrometer Head 1" Travel
    • Reads to 0.001 mm (50 millionths of an inch) 
    • 0.003 mm accuracy
    • Instant inch/millimeter conversion
Replacement    Purchase spare springs for the replacement here.
Demo Video    Please click the video below to see how the film applicator works on MTI's film coater MSK-AFA-II-VC

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