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DC Controller (SADC Series)

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Lesker DC Controller (SADC Series)


Introduction to the DC hand-held controller

This Kurt J Lesker DC controller has been developed to offer simple, single-axis remote control its manipulation products.

The control interface module with both speed and direction controls can be plugged into the motor directly. Alternatively, an extension cable can be utilized for remote control. The control interface can then take two inputs for limit switches preventing ‘over-drive’ in either direction. The hand-held DC controller provides a simple, cost-effective solution to DC motorization.


The system has the advantage over many conventional variable voltage supplies in that it is a true speed controller and gives full torque throughout the speed range. It has particularly smooth running characteristics (even at slow speeds) due to rotor and bearing design.

Universally rated to ensure voltage compatibility, the controller is fully compliant with EMC test regulations and carries the CE mark.

Technical Specification

  • Input voltage 90 - 220 Vac
  • Nominal output voltage +24 V DC
  • Current output (max) 1.9A / 45W
  • Speed control 100-3000rpm @ full torque

NOTE: **Please note that the DC Motor controller is only specified for DC motor driven components it has been supplied with. If you have an existing DC motor application you wish to "retro-fit"™ the DC controller to, please contact sales.





Lesker DC Controller (SADC Series)


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