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Desk-top Semi-Auto Grooving Machine for 4680 -46120 or 50100 Cylinder Cell Only - MSK-500-L

Desk-top Semi-Auto Grooving Machine for 4680 -46120 or 50100 Cylinder Cell Only - MSK-500-L

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MSK-500-L is a semi-auto grooving machine specifically designed for grooving 50100 cylindrical cases.  It also can be modified into a grooving machine for 4680 - 46120 cylindrical cells.

Working Voltage 220V AC, 50/60Hz Single Phase (110V version is available via a transformer)
Max. Power Consumption 140W
Air Pressure
>0.5 MPa is required (Air Compressor is not included, please click here to order)
Attention: If a gas cylinder is used instead of air compressor(pic2), a two-stage pressure regulator(pic1) must be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the pressure within the required working range for safe operation. Click here to learn the installation of a gas regulator.

  pic1                pic2
Casing Compatibility 50100, 4680- 46100,  46100  - 46120
Grooving Dimensions
  • Depth: 1.2 - 2.0 mm
  • Width: 1.1 - 1.5 mm
Grooving Accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
Grooving Blade Durability >1 million times
Productivity 400 groovings per hour
Product Dimensions 600mm(L) x 230mm(W) x 350mm(H) (24" x 9" x 14")
Net Weight 68 kg (150 lbs)
Compliance CE Certified
Patent 201120464651.8 for the Cylindrical Cell Grooving Machine MSK-500-L since July 2012.

  • One year limited with lifetime support  
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance is not covered by warranty
Operation Video              
Application Notes
  • Customized die for other cylindrical cell types is available upon request
  • It is necessary to seal the cap of the cylindrical case by using the MSK-510 sealing machine after grooving the opening end
  • Each type of cylinder cell can only be grooved specifically by certain models of this equipment. Please select the type of cylinder cell in the Product Options dropbox to check the model number and price for the corresponding grooving die of each cylinder cell type
  • Please check the chart below to order the cylindrical cases
Crimping Die for Description (click to view details) Case Dimensions
   EQ-Lib-50100               5 pcs 50100 cylindrical case

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