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Desktop ALD & CVD System 800ºC Max. W/ 4" Showerhead and Rotary Sample Stage - ALD-800X-4

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 ALD-800X-4 is a desktop ALD and CVD system with a high-frequency valve ( 283 Hz max), 4" showerhead, and rotary heatable sample stage. The smart design makes ALD  more cost-effective and affordable.



Control Panel
  • All processing parameters of  ALD are controlled by PLC via a 6" touch screen panel, including vapor injecting time, inert gas flow rate, and temperature and rotation speed of sample stage 
    • Control one ALD valves with puls duration time and cycling with mico-second precision
    • Control two channels gas delivery with ±0.2%F.S via MFC
    • Display vacuum pressure 
    • Other parameters upon request of the customer
  • Please click the picture left to see the control interface
ALD valve
  • One frequency ALD valve
    • Max. frequency on/off: 283 HZ
    • Min. Pulse time:           10 ms
  • Can deliver  drying gas or liquid-vapor
Shower Head
  • Material:  Aluminium or Stainless steel
  • 4" shower-head with 0.5 mm holes
  • 1/4"  dia. tube for gas or vapor inlet which connects to ALD valve
  • Special design for uniform distribution of gas or vaper
Sample Stage
  • 5“ diameter rotary and heatable sample stage
  • Speed:            0 - 5 RPM  adjustable via the control panel
  • Temperature:   RT - 800oC programmable via the control panel with +/- 5 ºC accuracy
  • Substrate size to be coated:   100 mm in diameter.
  • Quartz glass tube, 165 mm OD. X 150 mm ID x 250 mm Height
    • Please click here to order the Quartz Chamber replacement.
  • SS 304 flanges to ensure the vacuum level:  10-5 torr by turbopump and 10-2 by the mechanical pump
  • KF 25 vacuum port is built-in
  •   L 440 mm×W 330 mm × H 290 mm
Vacuum Pump 
( optional)
  • A vacuum pump is not included, suggest you order a dry pump for the CVD process by click the picture below
More Bubbler
(Optional )
  • Click the picture below to order a bubbler (Pic. 1) or evaporator (Pic. 2)  for ALD or CVD
  • This device can be upgraded to PEALD/CVD to and a plasma generator and inductive coil  ( Pic. 3 and 4) 
  • Combined bubbler or ultrasonic spray, it also can be used as a compact mist CVD
  (Pic. 1)     (Pic. 2)      Pic. 3   Pic. 4
One-year limited warranty with lifetime support (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, O-rings, and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order replacements at related products below).
  • CE certified and NRTLor CSA certification is available upon request at the extra cost.
Operation Instructions

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