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Double Blade Micrometer Film Applicator With Width of 150 mm (Film casting doctor blade) - EQ-Se-KTQ-150D

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EQ-Se-KTQ-150D is a double-blade wet film applicator with adjustable thickness, which can make film casting more uniform. This is an excellent tool to make the higher quality film for tape casting, battery electrodes, and various coating at the lower cost. Stainless steel knife blade with a precision ground edge.


  • Two blades with adjustable height from 0 - 6 mm;
  • Double-layer scraper can improve uniformity: some pastes have small particles or agglomeration, one scraper can't be smoothed, need the second scraper to smooth it. The final thickness is also dependent on the second scraper.
  • Width:  150 mm;
  • Make wet film thickness between 0 - 6000 microns;
  • The micrometer head's controllable accuracy is 10 microns.
Replacement    Purchase spare parts springs or micrometer heads for replacement.
  • Upgrade to the digital micrometers for better accuracy, with a customized doctor blade
  • NOT naturally compatible film applicator, but could customize our film applicator width above 100mm to fit. Please email us first to order a customized doctor blade, the separate order would not fit.
Digital Micrometer 
  • Digital Micrometer Head 1" Travel
  • Reads to 0.001 mm (50 millionths of an inch) 
  • 0.003 mm accuracy
  • Instant inch/millimeter conversion
Demo Video     Please click the video below to see how film applicator works on MTI's film coater MSK-AFA-II-VC

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