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Electrolyte LiPF6 for Lithium-ion Battery R&D, 1Kg in Stainless Steel Container - LBC3015B-LD

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The LBC3015B electrolyte is suitable for power lithium-ion battery with LiCoO2, LiMn2O4, and LiFePO4 cathode.

  • Electrolyte Salt:                        1 mol/L LiPF6 (Click here to learn the safety data of LiPF6)
  • Organic Solvent:                        EC+EMC; 3:7 in volume
  • Additive:                                     VC
  • Viscosty:                                  ~ 3.9~6.5  m.Pa.s
  • Net weight:                                 1.0kg (2.2lbs)
  • Max. Voltage:                              4.5V 
  • Net weight:                                 ~ 1000 ml  or 1 Kg 
  • Packing:                                     The electrolyte is sealed inside the aluminum container for safe shipping & storage
  • Transport Document Description:  "UN 2920, Corrosive Liquids, flammable, n.o.s. (lithium hexafluorophosphate), 8 (3), PG II"


Chromaticity <50 Hazen
Moisture ≤20ppm
Free Acid (HF) ≤50ppm
Density 1.20±0.03g/ml @ 25oC
Electrical Conductivity 7.4±0.5mS/cm
Chlorine (Cl) <1ppm
Sulfate (SO4) <10ppm
Potassium (K) <10ppm
Sodium (Na) <10ppm
Calcium (Ca) <10ppm
Iron (Fe) <6ppm
Lead (Pb) <5ppm
  • Due to the LiPF6's chemical property, you must operate this electrolyte in vacuum/inert gas and dry circumstance to avoid any moisture, please click here to get the information of the glove box.
  • MTI does not accept any return or exchange once sold electrolyte product due to it is dangerous good need special license to ship this product.
  • Please store moisture-sensitive consumables in a storage box, which will help prevent damages and prolong the integrity of the material. Click here for equipment selection

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