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Elevating PowerProbe (EPP Series)

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Lesker Elevating PowerProbe (EPP Series)


Magnetically Coupled Sample Transfer Drives

  • Professional-grade transfer tools for linear or combined linear and rotary motion for UHV applications

Five models available

  • Linear PowerProbe — for guided, smooth, linear motion only
  • PowerProbe — for combined linear and rotary motion
  • Axis Selected PowerProbe — functions as the PowerProbe, but allows the axis of rotation to be fixed
  • Elevating PowerProbe for linear motion and vertical lift of the end effector
  • Dual Axis PowerProbe for linear motion and rotary motion of a second internal shaft

Elevating PowerProbe Features

The Elevating PowerProbe transforms conventional approaches to sample transfer. In addition to its internally guided linear motion, the probe has the ability to elevate its end effector throughout the stroke providing 12mm of lift in the Y-axis for sample hand-off.

This device greatly simplifies sample transfer techniques, providing a single drive to provide both linear motion for sample introduction and the lift/lower motion to collect or hand-off the sample.

  • Linear Motion With Elevation
  • 12mm Lift Throughout Stroke
  • 10x the Thrust of Conventional Probes
  • Fully Bakeable to 250°C
  • AdjustableStop Collar








Lesker Elevating PowerProbe (EPP Series)

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