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EpiCentre Controllers & Heater Module

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EpiCentre Controllers and Power Supplies

The Lesker EpiCentre range can be configured to allow the use of existing motor, temperature controller and heater power supplies. Where new equipment is required we offer complete solutions from a series of high quality, modular, control packages.

Substrate Rotation

The Lesker EpiCentre stages with wafer sample rotation may be fitted with DC or stepper motors. The DC option is preferred for smooth, continuous rotation, however, if indexing or positioning of the substrate is required then a stepper motor should be selected.

Stepper Motors

The Programmable Stepper Motor Control Center (SMC series) provides a complete solution to substrate rotation. Supplied with its own WindowsTM based software, the interface is intuitive while providing a comprehensive array of control options. It may also be linked to an existing host controller via various inputs and outputs.

DC Motors

If DC motors are selected for the Lesker EpiCentre substrate spin system, then the rotation controller may be used. This unit is a 24VDC power supply providing speed control. A rear panel connector allows remote operation from a 0-10 volt programming signal. The unit is housed in a half rack, 3U enclosure and complies with CE regulations.

Axial Translation

For motorization of the various axial translations offered it is recommended that the customer uses either the Programmable Stepper Motor Control Center or the hand-held DC controller.

Temperature Controllers

For optimal stage heating and substrate temperature control the TC1 power supply with 3–term proportional temperature control is offered. The unit comprises a Eurotherm PID (Proportional, Integral and Derivative) temperature controller driving a Glassman high performance programmable DC power supply of suitable voltage / current rating to match the heater requirement.

The Glassman unit offers reliable, low-noise operation, resulting in low element stress and minimal EMC interference when performing RHEED measurements.

The TC1 is CE compliant and can be supplied with a range of features.


Lesker EpiCentre Controllers & Heater Module


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