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EpiCentre Series Overview

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Lesker EpiCentre Series Overview


Wafer Heater, Rotational, and Wafer Transfer Stage

The Kurt J. Lesker EpiCentre is a combined wafer heater and rotational stage designed for critical thin film deposition, wafer processing, substrate modification, surface science, and MBE processes.

The modular construction lets the user combine exactly the components needed to match the desired requirements for: substrate rotation, automatic substrate removal, axial positioning of the substrate, and substrate temperature.

The Kurt J. Lesker EpiCentres, bakeable to 250° C, can accept substrate biasing. Their minimum outgassing qualities make them compatible for UHV, high vacuum, and reactive gas environments. The Kurt J. Lesker EpiCentre range can be mounted in any orientation and can also be configured for low pressure and corrosive environments.

There Are 3 Major Series to the EpiCentre Range

  • EpiCentre 100—Modular Inline stages that offer heating, rotation, sample biasing, manipulation, and transferring of samples and substrates
  • EpiCentre 282—Right-Angled stage designed to replace manipulators on specific MBE systems, offering heating along with primary and azimuthal rotation
  • EpiCentre 346—Economical Inline series provides heating, rotation, and simple transfer motion





Lesker EpiCentre Series Overview

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