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EpiPro Series Deposition Stages

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The Lesker EpiPro series is intended to be modular in concept such that a range of heater modules can be configured from the various building blocks and with increasing complexity, starting for example, with a simple heater stage mounted from a flange to a heater stage with Z-shift and/or rotation through to a complete, fully configured deposition manipulator with all the "bells and whistles." The table at the foot of this page indicates how various components can be assembled as a "walk of man" concept and how corresponding part numbers are derived.

The Lesker EpiPro offers the most cost-effective heating solution in the Lesker EpiPro range, providing sample heating, rotation, and simple motion to aid sample transfer. Unlike the Lesker EpiCentre 100 range, however, the Lesker EpiPro has a fixed heater position and so the deposition height cannot be adjusted without increasing the distance between the substrate and the heater.

The range benefits from the same tried and true Lesker EpiCentre 100 modules such as the MagiGear rotary feedthrough, and UHV heaters, be they pyrolytic graphite coated graphite (PGCG) or pyrolytic boron nitride coated graphite (PBNG).

DC and RF biasing capabilities are standard options, making the design very suitable for highperformance sputter coating applications. The RF design includes "dark space shielding" throughout, eliminating parasitic plasma that can be confined to the important substrate cradle area only. A unique safety feature is also incorporated so that, should the substrate be lowered for transfer, it is automatically electrically isolated.

The patented MagiGear rotary feedthrough assembly includes a magnetic homing system to enable orientation of the substrate cradle to facilitate automated transfer.

There is a magnetically coupled substrate lowering capability, which is pneumatically actuated to facilitate substrate transfer. The design removes the need for vulnerable and costly bellows assemblies, while providing a more compact and reliable design.



Lesker EpiPro Series Deposition Stages


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