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F50 System

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Filmetrics Automated Film Thickness Mapping


The Filmetrics F50 family of products can map film thickness as quickly as two points per second.  A motorized R-Theta stage accepts standard and custom chucks for samples up to 450mm in diameter.  Map patterns can be polar, rectangular, or linear, or you can create your own with no limit on the number of measurement points.  Dozens of pre-defined map patterns are supplied.



Each Filmetrics F50 model includes everything listed below. (Note that a sample chuck must be ordered separately.)


• Integrated Stage/Spectrometer/Light Source Unit (chuck not included) 

• FILMeasure 5.0 software 

• Fiber optic cable 

• 4”, 6” and 200mm Reference Wafers 

• TS-Si02-4-7200 Thickness standard 

• Vacuum Pump 

• Hardcopy of Operator’s Manual 

• Connecting cables 

• FILMeasure standalone software (for remote data analysis) 

• Spare lamp 

• Tweezers


Common Optional Accessories


• Laptop computer pre-loaded with FILMeasure software 

• NIST-traceable thickness standard 

• F50 Chucks - 75mm, 100mm, 200mm, and 300mm 

• F50 Small Spot option, Vis or UV


In addition, each Filmetrics F50 includes these Filmetrics advantages:


• Library with over 130 materials 

• Free software updates 

• Hardware upgrade program



Premier Solutions Pte Ltd / Filmetrics F50 System thin film measurement / thickness measurement


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