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F60-C System

F60-C System

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Filmetrics Automated Cassette-to-Cassette Thin-Film Thickness Mapping System for Production Environments


The Filmetrics F60-c family maps film thickness and index just like Filmetrics F50 products, but it also includes a number of features intended specifically for production environments.  These include automatic notch finding, automatic on-board baselining, an enclosed measurement stage with motion interlock, an industrial computer with pre-installed software, and cassette-to-cassette robotic wafer handling.


The different Filmetrics F60-c instruments are distinguished primarily by thickness and wavelength range.  Generally shorter wavelengths (e.g. F60-c-UV) are required to measure thinner films, while longer wavelengths allow measurement of thicker, rougher, and more opaque films



Each Filmetrics F60-C model includes everything listed below.  Note that a sample chuck must be ordered separately:


·         Integrated Stage/Spectrometer/Light Source Unit (chuck not included) 

·         4", 6" and 200mm Reference Wafers 

·         TS-Si02-4-7200 Thickness standard 

·         Vacuum Pump 

·         Spare TH-1 lamp 

·         Tweezers


In addition, each Filmetrics F60-c includes these Filmetrics advantages:


·         Library with over 130 materials included with every system 

·         Hardware upgrade program


Common Optional Accessories


·         NIST-traceable thickness standard 

·         F60 Chucks - 200mm, and 300mm


 Premier Solutions Pte Ltd / Filmetrics F60c System thin film measurement / thickness measurement


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