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Flat corrosion cell (CS936)

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CS936 None-Jacketed Flat corrosion cell
Effective working area is 1cm2
Ag/AgCl reference electrode*1
Built-in counter electrode: Pt mesh*1 (20*20mm) CS936-2 Jacketed flat corrosion cell
Jacketed, water circulation for temperature control
Effective working area is 1cm2
Ag/AgCl reference electrode *1
Built-in counter electrode: Pt mesh *1 (20*20mm) This is the simple ordinary 4-port cell usually for corrosion study.
Salt bridge and gas inlet/outlet pipe come with the cell.
Rubber stoppers are used to stabilize the electrodes.   The matching electrodes with this cells are usually: 
Reference electrode: CS900 Saturated Calomel electrode
Counter Electrode: CS910 Pt conductivity electrode or CS911 Pt plate electrode
Working electrode: CS921 metal working electrode or CS946 Specimen holder with your sample assembled

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