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Floor-stand Auto Crimper for Batch Processing of Cylindrical Battery Casings - MSK-510-AR18650

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MSK-510-AR18650 is an auto crimper designed for sealing the 18650 cylindrical battery cases. It provides a continues workflow for case batch loading - crimping - case unloading without dedicated labor.  Advanced Features:

  • Efficient batch loading/unloading mechanism with case feeding conveyor
  • Dedicated Four-step crimping process (1st & 2nd trials for pre-deformation, 3rd trial for complete sealing and 4th trial for case consolidation) ensures the most stable & consistent sealing quality 
  • Crimping speed and pressure is adjustable
  • User-friendly human-machine interface with PLC touch screen control
  • Floor-Stand enclosure with transparent front & side openable windows allow clear process monitoring and adjustment

MTI has granted the patent 201120464653.7 for the Cylindrical Cell Automatic Crimper MSK-510-AR18650 since July 2012. SPECIFICATIONS:

Working Voltage 220VAC, 50/60 Hz, three phases
Max. Power Consumption 4KW
Driving Force Pneumatic, 0.5 - 0.8 MPa compression gas is required. (Air Compressor is not included, please click here to order.) Attention: If a gas cylinder is used instead of air compressor(pic2), a two-stage pressure regulator(pic1) must be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the pressure within the required working range for safe operation. Click here to learn the installation of a gas regulator.
  pic1                pic2
Operational Environment The system needs to be operated in the dry room
Compatibility Standard crimping capability for 18650 case 
Note: CR123 / 18650 / 26650 / 32650 / AA is available upon request, please contact us for more details.
Control User-friendly HMI with PLC touch screen control ensures easy program setup
Crimping Force Up to 6kgf/cm²
  • 30 pieces per minute
  • Material feeding conveyor is able to load up to 22 pcs per batch
Compliance CE certified
  • One year limited with lifetime support 
  • Parts rusted without regular cleaning and maintenance are not covered
Product Dimensions
1200mm (L) * 690mm (W) * 1765mm (H)
Operation Video & Manual
Application Notes

Cylinder Cases and Related Components
Click hereto order spare cylinderical case
  • Customized die for other cylindrical cell types is available upon request
  • It is necessary to groove the opening end of the cylindrical case by using the MSK-500-AR18650 auto grooving machine before sealing the cap
  • Each type of cylinder cell can only be sealed specifically by certain crimping dies. Please contact us for the corresponding crimping die of each cylinder cell type
  • Please check the chart below to order the cylindrical cases.
P/N Description (click to view details)  Case Dimensions
EQ-Lib-18650 100 pcs 18650 cylindrical case
EQ-Lib-CR123 100 pcs CR123 cylindrical case


250 pcs 21700 cell case
EQ-Lib-26650 100 pcs 26650 cylindrical case
EQ-Lib-32650 60 pcs 32650 cylindrical case
Net Weight 800 lbs

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