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Front Load Sputtering Sensors

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All of the following Lesker crystal sensors are compatible with all INFICON quartz crystal controllers, except where noted. One or more of these sensors should be purchased with each controller. Each sensor comes completely assembled and includes integral water tubes, in-vacuum coaxial cable (Front Load) or in-vacuum conduit (Cool Drawer), water tube bending tool, crystal snatcher (Front Load), and operating instructions. All air and water tubes (except the bakeable sensor) are 1/8 inch (0.32cm) O.D. All shuttered sensors require the 750-420-G1 pneumatic control valve. Xtal 2 Switch is designed for use only with the XTC/3 and Cygnus Thin Film Deposition Controllers. Limited use with other controllers is possible call Premier Solutions or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any technical questions.


  • Orders for sensors welded to feedthroughs cannot be entered without signed-off dimensional drawing (KJLC to provide). Once special length or manufactured order is confirmed, it can not be canceled.
  • Sensor lengths are measured from center of the crystal to the vacuum side (sealing surface) of the feedthrough.
  • For sensors ordered without a weld connection (option "0" or "8"), tubes are made to a length of 29.75" (756mm) for "E" length and Cool Drawer sensors and 44.75" (1137mm) for "G" length sensors.
  • Includes 78 cm (30.75") in-vac cable, crystal snatcher and manual (other length cables ordered separately). Custom parts, special bends and other non-standard parts available - Consult factory.
  • Shutter air tube is connected to the feedthrough tube using VCR fittings for field replacement.


Front Load Sputtering Sensors

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